Facebook Community Standards

Facebook sheds light on post restrictions with updated Community Standards

Last week, Facebook took the bold step of removing the ‘feeling fat’ icon from its platform and the social media platform has taken another bold step by banning postings of pornographic images on the platform. The company has now released a list of erring posts that can no longer be posted by Facebook users.

On the banned list are images of; ‘fully exposed butts’, the female breast that includes nipples, and genitals. The new guidelines make it clear that images violating this policy will be taken down from the social network.

Nudity, lewd behavior and sexually explicit content are not the only posts being banned by Facebook. The list includes the rejecting posts or groups with terrorist undertones or that support violence of any kind. Other banned posts include cyber bullying, sexual harassment, attacks on public figures, and depictions of self-harm.

As for those who practice nudity as an art form or a form of creative expression, Facebook relaxed these restrictions. Artistic individuals can post nude art forms, sculptures, drawings and paintings. Facebook also stressed its support for breastfeeding photos and pictures of post-mastectomy scarring—both acceptable images for Facebook posts that are frequent targets of takedown requests from over-zealous users.

Monika Bickert, Facebook’s head of global policy management summed up the new policies in a blog post saying, “Billions of pieces of content are shared on Facebook every day. We hope these two updates help provide more clarity about the standards we have, whether they are our own Community Standards or those imposed by different laws around the world.”

You can read the complete guidelines to learn more about the updated Facebook community standards.

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