Learn the basics with Introduction to Docker video training course

Docker is the next big thing. One of the next big things at least. Docker made containers mainstream and most major vendors and platforms have jumped on the Docker bandwagon.

Don’t worry if you have no idea what Docker is or why you should know about containers. Well, worry a little because you probably should know about both of those things. The reason you don’t need to worry too much, though, is that O’Reilly Media has an Introduction to Docker video training course that will give you the basics in just a couple hours.

I wrote a blog post about the Docker training course:

Container platforms seem to be the fuel driving the next wave of app development. Docker didn’t invent the concept, but Docker’s meteoric rise made container technology mainstream. Don’t worry if you’re still not quite sure what Docker is or how to use it—O’Reilly Media has you covered with its Introduction to Docker video training course.

Catch the Docker wave

If you aren’t already on the Docker bandwagon you’re a little behind the curve at this point. Docker breaks down barriers and enables developers to deploy apps more effectively and efficiently with less effort than traditional application development and deployment technologies. Docker lets you build an app in any language, and run it on any platform that supports Docker containers.

At this point there aren’t many platforms that don’t support Docker. It has quickly become the de facto standard for container technologies. Microsoft has its own Windows Server Containers and recently introduced more secure Hyper-V Containers, but it also partnered with Docker to bring Docker containers to Azure, and it is working with Docker tointegrate native support for Docker in the next release of Windows Server.

In a nutshell, Docker is here to stay. If you’re developing and deploying apps its imperative that you know what Docker is and how to use it or you may get left in the dust.

Learning Docker

The Docker video training is presented by Andrew Tork Baker. Baker is an independent consultant based in Washington, DC and is a respected resource when it comes to Docker containers. He also goes by the handle “atbaker” and wrote spin-docker—a lightweight open-source Platform-as-a-Service powered by Docker and Flask.

The entire training session is one hour and 46 minutes and costs $60 to download or stream from O’Reilly. You can watch the first three segments—about 10 minutes worth of content—for free to get a feel for the scope and quality before deciding whether or not to purchase the training.

Read the full post at Get started with Docker with video training course from O’Reilly.

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