Rdio now available on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Rdio, a popular online music streaming service that offers listeners a massive audio library of 35 million songs, is now available on Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.

The online music streaming service will be available to music lovers and owners of the Fire TV and Five TV Stick in multiple categories, namely free ad-supported radio or the premium membership options of Rdio on-demand subscription and Rdio Unlimited for ad-free streaming services, which offers different flavors of music without ads.

The service was already available to Amazon smartphone and tablet users, but has now been integrated into the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. With this addition to Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, Rdio will now be available across all Amazon devices and thus offers users the opportunity to enjoy different genres of music from any Amazon device in their living room.

Rdio is primarily known for offering the best personal choice for music lovers across the world. When Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick users open the Rdio app, they will be welcomed by an all-new-design interface that puts the user’s music interest across the entire screen.

Rdio on Amazon Fire TV devices will offer the following features:

  • Home: Allows quick access to trending songs, new releases, top stations and recent favorites.
  • Browse: Allows the user to choose from Rdio’s expertly reviewed stations based on the activity, mood, genre, artist and more.
  • Player: Allows the user to select favorites, shuffle the playlist or repeat songs.
  • Search: Allows the user to find albums, songs, artists, genres and playlists.

The integration of Rdio with Amazon’s Fire TV devices is expected to offer a superior listening experience, since Amazon Fire TV devices have gained the reputation for offering a faster loading time for streaming content.

According to Anthony Bay, CEO of Rdio, the integration of its services on the Amazon Fire TV platform will allow them to deliver the best-in-class listening experience along with attractive album art that music lovers like.

The CEO also added that the integration is a step toward fulfilling the company’s mission of delivering the Rdio experience across all devices and allows music lovers to enjoy music anywhere and anytime.

Rdio will be available in all regions where the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick devices are sold, namely the U.S., the UK, Austria, and Germany.

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