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Curved Microsoft Band 2 may have more wrist appeal

A Spanish site claims to have a preview of the Microsoft Band 2. MicrosoftInsider posted what it claims are exclusive images of a new Microsoft Band, which is widely expected to be unveiled at the Windows 10 devices event Microsoft is hosting October 6.

Microsoft has confirmed very little—if anything—about what it will reveal at the upcoming media event in New York. All we know for sure is that it will have a hardware focus because Microsoft plans to share exciting news about Windows 10 devices. It is widely expected that Microsoft will unveil a new Surface Pro 4, as well as new Lumia (or possibly Surface) smartphones. There are also rumors of a new Microsoft Band, now supported by the alleged leaked information from MicrosoftInsider.

MicrosoftInsider states (translated from Spanish by Google):

The device codenamed “Envoy” takes months of internal testing in Microsoft labs. The design of the new generation of the Microsoft Band at first sight is much more attractive than the previous version. With a metallic finish front panel and the physical buttons give a much more striking aspect to the accessory. The display of the band this time adopts a curved shape adapted ergonomics to the anatomy of the wrist and forearm.

There is a lot to love about the original Microsoft Band, but the flat display isn’t one of them. A curved display that does a better job of wrapping and conforming to the shape of the wrist would be a very welcome improvement.

According to the leaked information from MicrosoftInsider the Microsoft Band 2 will also include new sensors that detect height or altitude—implying an ability to track physical motion up and down stairs. MicrosoftInsider also claims that the Microsoft Band 2 will be available in additional markets, including Spain, France, Italy, and Germany.

In terms of style and functionality Microsoft Band 2 will sit somewhere between a dedicated fitness wearable like FitBit and a comprehensive smartwatch like Apple Watch. It is loaded with sensors and is primarily a fitness tracking gadget, but it also pairs with your smartphone and includes additional apps that give it many of the same features and capabilities as a smartwatch.

Microsoft Band provides significant value at a reasonable price. If Microsoft Band 2 is more stylish and adds new capabilities without raising the price—at least not significantly—it will have tremendous appeal to fitness freaks who want more features and capabilities or smartwatch fans looking for an attractive gadget that’s more affordable.

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