iClever 6-port USB charger

Review: iClever USB chargers

iClever offers a variety of charging accessories for your electronic devices. In a time where many of us own multiple electronic devices, it’s easy to clutter up outlets with chargers. My two favorite iClever products are the 6-port USB wall charger with SmartID technology and the 4-port USB car charger with SmartID technology.


Overall, the products are built better than a lot of other chargers out there. The 6-port USB wall charger is small enough while still able to charge 6 devices. It also just looks slick, with a black matte finish. If you don’t need a 4-port USB car charger, they also offer 3 and 2-port chargers. All ports offer the same charging speed capabilities (5W/2.4A), with SmartId technology.


The SmartID technology makes sure each device charges at maximum (or most efficient) speed. Unlike other charging hubs, all ports are 5V/2.4A so you don’t have to think about which port to plug which device into, it will recognize what you’ve plugged in and adjust accordingly.

This is a great feature. Why buy a 6-port hub if only one or two of the ports can charge at full speed? iClever took away one of the biggest flaws of USB charging devices and put its products at the top of the market–unless you don’t care if you have a couple wimpy ports on your hub.


The price is on point with other multi-port USB wall chargers that I’ve used, but most of the others out there are bigger and have varying speed outputs for each port. iClever is worth the price for well-built chargers.

The only thing to keep in mind is that it has a max output of 50W/10A, so if you’re planning on plugging 6 iPads in, it will adjust the speed between the 6 ports.

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