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The MOVA globes are exceptional and spin automatically using perpetual motion magic that doesn't require any power.

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This definitely falls on the geek side of the fence more than the tech side, but I’m OK with that. I love globes. I have a beautiful mother of pearl Earth globe on a table in the corner of my office, and a globe of the Moon sitting on the corner of my desk. There’s just something about globes that captures my attention and interest.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes these M­OVA globes unique.


It’s a globe, so the form should be more or less self-explanatory. It’s a sphere. The MOVA globes come in three different sizes—4.5-inch, 6-inch, and 8.5-inch spheres.

MOVA offers a wide range of globes. There is a diverse array of Earth globes available, beige, blue, antique, silver, silver and black, etc.. MOVA also has celestial globes—Earth’s moon, and the planets of our solar system along with some of the more notable moons that orbit them. There are also MOVA globes of artwork, and globes of sports like a baseball or basketball.

MOVA also offers a range bases for each of the globes so you can add some unique flair to match the style or décor of your home or office.


The MOVA globes are encased in a plastic sphere and rotate automatically within that sphere, powered by some sort of arcane magic. At least, that’s my explanation. There is no battery and no power cord. You don’t need to charge or recharge the globe in any way. It just rotates.

The MOVA website explains that the perpetual motion is powered by ambient light and the magnetic field of Earth. It describes the technology behind the rotation like this:

A sophisticated motion mechanism, powered by ambient light, rests discreetly inside each globe. Consisting of solar cells, magnetic elements and other proprietary components, the mechanism drives the continuous rotation without any batteries or power cords.

If you really, really want to understand the science behind the perpetual motion, you can fill out a form on the website and MOVA will send you a PDF explaining the advanced physics and new technological developments that make the MOVA globes possible.

My Experience

The internal globe is gyroscopic. You can flip, twist, and rotate the outer sphere, but the globe will always remain properly oriented.

I haven’t completely determined what the minimal or optimal amount of ambient light is to generate the perpetual motion. I have found that the light in my office is not enough by itself, but it doesn’t take much sunlight for the globe to spin.

The Verdict

The MOVA globes are simply awesome. My only wish is that I would prefer to have one of the larger models—the unit that was sent to me is one of the small, 4.5-inch globes. If you are a globe geek like me, or you know someone who is, I highly recommend the MOVA globes.

You can buy them directly from the MOVA website, but they’re not cheap. The small 4.5-inch models like the one that was sent to me start around $125. The 6-inch globes are more in the $250-plus range, and the full-size 8.5-inch globes cost $500. Still, I would love to have the full-size 8.5-inch MOVA globe of Earth sitting on the corner of my desk just perpetually spinning by magic.


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  1. Darrell Jamison on

    absolutely great if it works – but MOVA will not honor warranty on a unit that did not work out of box

  2. MOVA globes are great gifts, amazing technology, 100% original gift.

    BUT they do not last… After a few months an air bubble appears. The user guide indicate it as “normal”. And some time later, your globe stop rotating. It’s a common problem well known by MOVA. But it’s too late, your warranty has expired.

    As long as the warranty is not extended, or the product better built, it’s too expensive for the litlle amount of time it will work.

    • I’ve had mine for over a year without any air bubbles. The globe did stop rotating, but MOVA support told me a trick to sort of reset the magnetic pull. I placed a paper clip on top of the globe for an hour or two, and voila! Globe has worked perfectly since then.

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