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Review: Lenovo Yoga 900S

The 2-in-1 hybrid laptop is the new standard. While there are still some tasks and functions that require the horsepower of a full-blown desktop PC, portability is a prime consideration today. Pure tablets, however, fall short in certain areas, which is why a thin, lightweight, 2-in-1 hybrid like the Lenovo Yoga 900S is such an ideal device.

I’ve had a chance to work with the Yoga 900S for a few weeks now, so let me share my thoughts with you.[pullquote]

  • Slim and light
  • Awesome battery life
  • Exceptional design and quality


The design of the Yoga 900S is impressive. The “S” designation comes from the fact that it is a slimmer version of its Yoga 900 sibling. It is exceptionally thin—a mere half-inch thick—and weighs in at 2.2 pounds. The unit I used is a champagne gold model with a 1.2GHz Intel Core m7 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of SSD storage.

It has a 12.5-inch QHD IPS LED display. It is a multi-touch display with a max resolution of 2560 x 1440. The Yoga 900S uses an Intel HD Graphics 515 GPU, and has 802.11AC Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity.

It has a backlit keyboard, and—like its predecessors—it earns its “Yoga” name by virtue of its exceptional flexibility. The hinges look like metal watchbands and allow the display to fold completely backward so the display is flat against the back side of the display if you want to use it as a tablet.

The Yoga 900S has a built-in 720p HD webcam. It runs Windows 10 and has a variety of ports. There is one audio combo jack, and three USB ports. One USB port is USB 2.0 and doubles as the power port for the device. The other two are USB 3.0 ports—one is Type A and one is a Type C that includes video out capabilities.

Yoga 900S
Image credit Lenovo


Like any 2-in-1 hybrid, the Lenovo Yoga 900S offers the best of both worlds, while making some concessions to make it all work.

One tradeoff between the larger Yoga 900 and the Yoga 900S is the processor. The Yoga 900S uses the less powerful Core M processor. That said, it is a 6th-generation Intel Core M processor, and is more than capable of handling all of the computing needs and then some for most users.

In order to create a slim, lightweight device, it also foregoes the old school DVD drive. We live in a digital, cloud-enabled, streaming-from-the-Internet world today, so plastic discs are much less common or necessary, but if that is a need of yours you’ll have to pick up an external USB DVD drive or something.

The flexibility of the hinge allows you to use the Yoga 900S in four different basic configurations. You have the standard clamshell laptop mode, and the aforementioned tablet mode when you flip the display completely backward. You can also flip the display backward leaving the keyboard as a base to use it as a stand, or flip the display around and set the Yoga 900S in a tent mode.

Lenovo claims that the Yoga 900S delivers 10.5 hours of video playback on a single charge. Your mileage will, of course, vary. Lenovo does provide the following disclaimer on its site as well: “Testing is based on local HD video playback on a QHD display set at 200nits with Wi-Fi off. Battery life is approximate and will vary according different factors, including system settings, features selected and usage. The maximum capacity of the battery will naturally decrease over time.”

My Experience

I used an 11-inch MacBook Air as my primary computer for a couple years, but transitioned to the 2-in-1 PC world when Microsoft introduced the Surface line. When I traveled with the MacBook Air, I also carried along an iPad for those times when I just wanted a tablet. The 2-in-1 gives me the power of a full PC, while still allowing me to use it as a tablet when I choose.

The Yoga 900S is beautiful, and masterfully engineered. The aesthetics are on par with the quality of the MacBook Air. Lenovo manages to effectively balance creating a device that is very thin and light without making something that feels cheap and plastic.

I type for a living, so the keyboard is important to me. When you use a device that is itself smaller than a standard keyboard there are necessarily some concessions that have to be made. It is a small keyboard and accessing some of the keys took a little getting used to. In fairness, though, that has been true for me any time I change keyboards no matter what size they are. Once I got used to it, I had no real issues with the Yoga 900S keyboard.

I never really pushed the Yoga 900S battery to exhaustion, which I guess supports the claim that it can go all day on a single charge. I also didn’t spend 10-plus hours watching HD movies on it, but suffice it to say that the battery is impressive and should make it through the day under normal usage conditions.

As awesome as the hinged flexibility is, the Yoga 900S solution for becoming a tablet isn’t one I prefer. I like being able to actually detach the display and use it as a more “pure” tablet. In my opinion, if I still have to carry the entire bulk of the device I am not really getting the benefit of having a “tablet” even if it is in tablet mode.

My biggest complaint about the Yoga 900S is the Lenovo bloatware. It comes with a variety of Lenovo utilities pre-installed, like SHAREit, REACHit, WRITEit, Photo Master and more. These applications might be great, and some people may appreciate having a suite of tools installed and ready to go. Personally, I prefer to choose and install my own software on a pure Windows 10 operating system.

The Verdict

Lenovo is a respected name in laptops, and the Yoga 900S doesn’t disappoint. If you really need the additional horsepower you can get the Yoga 900, but if portability is important to you I don’t think the extra bulk and weight are worth the incremental performance boost.

The Yoga 900S is gorgeous to look at and a pleasure to use. Take out the Lenovo bloatware and this device is almost perfect. At $1,099 for a Core m5 model with 4GB of RAM and 128GB SSD, or $1,299 for a Core m7 version with 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD it is priced competitively with similar ultrabooks and 2-in-1 hybrids. I would highly recommend spending the extra $200 for the additional RAM and SSD storage.


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  1. The functionality of the 2 in 1 devices is part of the reason I think we are seeing a decline in tablets. People want ease of use but also power and not to have so many devices, which I am sure the larger phones is another reason.

  2. Dianna Strivens Brodine

    I’ve looked at the tablet/laptop hybrids, specifically because I travel so often and it would be nice to have one device that functions for both reading/movies on the plane and note-taking/presentations at events – without hauling a huge laptop around. I haven’t taken the leap yet, primarily because I’ve been worried about weight for the “tablet” portion and battery life for the laptop portion. It sounds like the Yoga solves one problem, but not the other.

  3. Glad you paid close attention to the keyboard, as that’s arguably the most important aspect for me as well.

  4. Rick Boisclair

    This is the only kind of Yoga I have any use for in my life. is this what they mean by Hot Yoga?

  5. I have the older version of this, which was a little under-powered. Hoping this one is better…

  6. We’ve switched to the 2-in-1 for our traveling staff. They are lighter and quicker to start up than the laptops we’ve sent to pasture.

  7. I have the Yoga Pro 3 I got for a good price open box at BB. But this yoga would be so much sweeter.

  8. I’m sold – one of the best write ups I have seen for any tech product. Thank you for helping me decide what I will be getting.

  9. Larry Stehling

    I’ve got a couple of low powered Dell 2 in 1 laptops and you get what you pay for. The Lenovo Yogas look impressive. I need to add one to my arsenal.

  10. Sounds like an exceptional piece of hardware. I look forward to showing it off to my coworkers.

  11. Like the idea of a 2 in 1 laptop. Being able to type on a keyboard is important but when I’m just looking at content – not so much.

  12. It seems nice and timely for tablet hybrid from Lenovo. But I think it would sell more if the price starts around $800 or $900 and add options.

  13. Jason Schwartz

    Lenovo continues to lead the pack with innovative devices. As long as the software isn’t buggy (their own system update), it’s a top notch machine!

  14. Looks like a nice pc. I’ve got to replace mine now since it died last month, and this would work great for me.

  15. Most 2-in-1s are a compromise that ends up as a sub-par version of both. This is the first one I’ve seen that looks to do both very well. Just made my short list, thanks!

  16. The bloatware is always a big problem for me, as sometimes uninstalling it voids functionality in other seemingly unrelated applications.


    Does the keyboard adjust into the unit when flipped over like other models? Or did the height reduction take that capability out?

  18. Sounds like a great product for my business which is largely mobile. Would prefer a detachable keyboard to bring down the weight.

  19. Daniel Cardenal

    Looks good. I’ve been eyeing one for a couple months but waiting for the right time to buy. I used to travel often and having a more flexible and lighter laptop would make the future travel easier.

  20. Sounds quite good. Will consider against Samsung. Detachable keyboard would have been a good option.

  21. This is quite an impressive battery. I like that it didn’t sacrifice the backlit keyboard to get there.
    My daughter has a hybrid device with a detachable keyboard that can re-attach in reverse mode, so that the keys aren’t sitting on your lap. That’s a nice feature that allows you to have more of a tablet experience without needing to leave the keyboard somewhere.
    Of course, that always brings up the issue of hinge durability. This one looks great in that department!
    Thanks for the review.

  22. This seems like a nice device. 2-in-1 devices are very popular now and this seems to keep in trend with a lot of the features offered. This would be great for students or business travelers that want to have a versatile computing experience.

  23. I’ve been super interested in something like this that can be flexible but also more powerful than a simple tablet. I also like a backlit keyboard, I won’t buy another device without it.

  24. I have a HP 2-in-1 that can’t even load more than a couple Chrome tabs. Would love to have a Yoga!

  25. Looks nice, although that hinge, while I understand its purpose, always looks “off”/odd to me.

  26. That would be perfect for replacing my educational-series Lenovo 2-in-1. While mine was a great buy, the 900s will make it seem a brick. Thanks for the review Tony! (long time listener / first time caller)

  27. Martin Wierimaa

    Haven’t tried one like this. Couldn’t afford one like this. Sure could use one!

  28. Annoyed Westchesterite

    I would love to have this – it would certainly be an upgrade over my slow-as-molasses Dell laptop!

  29. Looks great. I have been looking for a better overall experience – specially typing – than a Surface. This just might do it.

  30. Thanks for the review. It looks great. Did you find that the CPU performance was lackluster? This guy is just beyond my price point. But it is very encouraging that nice quality 2-in-1’s are appearing in the sub 1k category.

  31. I’d really like to have one of these to give to a friend on the occasion of her retirement.

  32. I’ve been looking for a replacement laptop, not really considering a hybrid, but this checks all the boxes. Thanks for the thorough review!

  33. I love my older model Yoga – I call him Lenny and he’s never let me down, but I would love a younger model 🙂 Great, helpful review!

  34. I’ve been tempted to get one of these for school. A few of my professors have one and they love it, especially since it has a Lenovo keyboard, I didn’t realize how important this was until I tried it.

  35. Martin Hilovsky

    I’ve got a slightly older version of this notebook and it’s awesome. Thanks for this great review.

  36. I really like the versatility of the Yoga. Seems like it could be an all around go to device for whatever computing needs you have, from travel to the office to just pulling it out and sitting on the couch at home. Great item!

  37. This sounds like a really nice hybrid laptop. However, my experience with laptops with such a high resolution on such a relatively small screen is that not all software plays nice with it because the text in the menus is so small that you can’t even read it, which forces you to lower the resolution down from its native resolution. That being said, it is nice that you don’t have to shrink high resolution photos down to fit the screen, which makes them really look nice on the screen.

  38. I have the 900 and like it, but the strangely shaped power supply is a negative. I wish they had stayed with the existing Lenovo power supply.

  39. Marvin Paulson

    My 8 inch tablet is a little too small. It would be nice to have something bigger with all day battery life.

  40. My screen doesn’t respond when I touch it. Much like my wife, it is impervious to tactile stimulation.

  41. I have been Lenovo ThinkPads at work and think they are fine workhorses. This Yoga line has intrigued me for awhile.

  42. Massimo Degaudenzi

    I didn’t have a good experience with my previous 2-for-1 (Surface Pro 2, 4GB RAM, 128 GB) because of all the trash they throw in Windows 8.1 and forthcoming. I could worry that the bloat ware here could be an issue and slow down the system, but Core M processor sounds much better than the Core i5 in the Surface and Lenovo is hands down my preference in laptop brands.

  43. For what you get for the extra $200, it seems like it would definitely be worth it. That sounds like a great product

  44. I like the idea of the 2 in 1 but does the keyboard shut off when you fold it to tablet mode?

  45. In the market for a new device for my wife. For us the light weight of this Yoga is a big plus. Her current unit is on the light side and she loves that.

  46. Lenovo has always been a brand i favor in my laptops… this one appears to be the sleek sports coupe I’d love to take for a spin on the Internet Autobahn!

  47. The best kind of Yoga – the Lenovo Yoga 900S, especially for un-bendy people like myself.
    Nice review!

  48. I’d give my eye teeth for that computer!!!

    Now, where’d I put my eye teeth?


  49. I know it’s supposed to be “hot”, but does it run hot? My Yoga is awesome, but gets uncomfortably hot under normal operating conditions.

  50. No experience with 2-in-1’s per se but my ultra book is very useful and Lenovo makes some quality equipment. I imagine this has to be a perfect fit for many.

  51. I’ve never had a laptop of my own. Work laptops. Bought several for the wife and kids… about time I had one for myself.

  52. I’ve avoided 2-in-1s mostly because of the problems I’ve seen in “convertible” phones…slide-out keyboards, flip-open second screens, etc., etc., etc. They all seem to develop connection problems between the moving pieces eventually. Wires running through the hinges break…contact connections wear down and lose contact…and I don’t know that there’s a great solution to the problem.
    I’m always open to testing new ways of doing things, especially if it’s free…and no matter who gets the laptop, I’d like to see some ongoing updates about how sturdy and secure the connections are.

  53. Raymond Rizzuto

    I’d looked at the Yoga 900, so was glad to see the differences to the 900s pointed out. I’d be interested in comparative benchmarks.

  54. This Yoga delivers an impressive 12.5-inch QHD IPS LED! I can’t stand laptops and tablets with a puny screen size.

  55. Brandon Gustafson

    This looks pretty cool – I’ve been worried about doing a 2-in-1 with a toddler, but I think I’d give it a try.

  56. TheGlutenConnectionauthor

    I travel in an RV and blog on I also write. (My most current book is Don’t Back Into the Palm Tree! Real Life Lessons for New and Wannabe RVers.) This device would be ideal for my needs.

  57. Kevin Peterson

    We tried the Lenovo Flex3 and were less than impressed. Hopefully, the Yoga 900S will prove how good Lenovo can be.

  58. Tabitha M. Powledge

    I’ve been working lovingly on a Lenovo laptop for years. It’s still in top shape and making my life better every day. So would I feel a bit guilty deserting my faithful friend if this gorgeous Yoga fell into my lap? Nah. Two Lenovos are more than twice as good as one.

  59. I’ve been following the Yoga 900 series and it would be the perfect hybrid tablet for me!

  60. Does this have the secure boot where you can only install microsoft approved operating systems?

  61. My wife has an older Yoga and loves it. It’s especially good for doing e-jigsaw puzzles.

  62. I wonder how comfortable 2-in-1 convertibles are to use. Tablets should be light and comfortable in one hand; can the Yoga 900S be used that way?

  63. I am in the market for a fully functional travelling laptop as I am on the road ~75% … this looks like it may be just the ticket!

  64. I would spend the extra 200 if I am already paying 1k for the unit. If I win it – I will see how well it does linux 😉

  65. this looks like a great tablet especially if you travel a lot or always have it with you. Seems to have a lot of bang for the buck. and a lot more ‘flexible’ then my current device…

  66. I inherited my friend’s laptop when he got a Yoga a few years back, and I’ve been pining for one ever since. The thorough review you’ve done on it has put the Yoga 900S in the absolute front of the pack for me, ahead of the Surface Pro. Thank you for the info.

  67. I have the original Yoga. Great machine but showing some age. This latest version looks awesome.

  68. Love the yoga and respect for lenovo putting out great products. Would put this to good use preparing my lesson plans for class. School starts Aug 8 and it’s always a challenge making Algebra II interesting for my students. This would be a great tool to help make that happen.

  69. Lenovo has built on the reputation of the Thinkpad, and it isn’t Apple–both excellent selling points, and even better for free! However, Tony’s criticism of bloatware is warranted–it’s the only area that has declined in quality since its migration away from IBM. Still, I’d be pleased to inherit the machine.

  70. Just got my wife a HP Spectre 360 and she loves it, I think it is time for me to get an upgrade from my old laptop.

  71. I have never tried a 2-in-1 before. I think I would also prefer if the keyboard detached but I am sure I will get over that if it is free!

  72. Anthony Lazaro

    I have been looking for replacements for my aging laptop and iPad, and considering one of the many 2-in-1s available on the market. The yoga line always seems to come up in my searches and based on this review the 900s would work for my use case.

  73. I’ve purchased 2 Lenovo laptops since the company first started marketing to the general public and loved them both. In fact, I’m still using my second laptop but could use a new one for more speed and power to crush my multi-tasking apps. Great product and company!

  74. Would Love to have one of these Hybrid, looks to fit the bill for how I use computers/tablets…

  75. Been very happy with Lenovo in the past, used to be the standard issue where I work. Hope the Cheapskate comes through with a good deal on this (free?)…

  76. I too think I’d prefer a detachable scree, like the Surface Pro, but can’t really know for sure without having tried the Yoga format.

  77. This is the perfect solution if you need a Laptop and a Tablet and the label does not say Apple. More than enough power for daily tasks.

  78. Looking for a new travel computer. Use a Zenbook and an iPad, but this would obviate the need for a separate tablet. Definitely would go with the m7 and 250 GB ssd.

  79. This Yoga 900S looks great – tried to get my older son to think about this instead of a Macbook-Air. Couldn’t convince him of the value but I would love to win this and use it for myself!

  80. I’m nearly ready to replace my tried and true desktop that is near the end of life, and this would be almost perfect. Very nice.

  81. A tablet that runs Windows 10 would be ideal to me. Android is great for phones and smaller devices, and I’m not an Apple fan at all.

  82. I havent had the chance to own a hybrid laptop. This Lenovo looks great. I would love to win this.

  83. I love my Lenova Yoga. They make high quality products and this appears to be another winner. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  84. Gabriele Smith

    Please, please,please I want to win this 2in1. Been wanting a surface pro forever but cannot afford one. This would make my year….

  85. As a Mac user I would definitely use a comparable Windows machine for software/applications that are Win specific. I am still curious if hybrids are an interim technology & how wise is it to have a flexible hinge… is that a potential weak point? Seems like a nice machine though.

  86. Been looking around for something of that nature, something light and yet have the power I need!

  87. Chris Wunderlich

    Sounds awesome … the idea of having a functional laptop i can actually work on that can be a tablet when I’m trapped in a middle seat on a plane is definitely an advantage.

  88. I just got a Microsoft Surface at work, and I love it. But it’s strictly for work. For personal use, I’d love to have the same flexibility that my Surface offers, and this product looks like it would be a great fit! I’ve used Lenovo laptops in the past. The quality has always been top-notch; I always preferred them over Dell even at the higher price point.

  89. Ryan Burglehaus

    I love the Lenovo Yoga series and this hybrid is not only sleek and sexy, it looks like the perfect mix of normal laptop with some tablet functionality. Would absolutely LOVE to have this as my main mobile computing companion!

  90. This would make a powerful tablet, but the laptop functions are superflious for my needs.

  91. Great computer, but I really wish Yogas had a regular HDMI port instead of a micro-HDMI port.

  92. I have not had a hybrid laptop but this sounds like it would be a great tool for my psychiatry residency program.

  93. Would love one of these, but out of my price range right now. Has almost everything you would want/need.

  94. I’ve had a couple of Asus T-100s. I love the portable/transformer type of computer.

  95. Would love full performance, but my real life use would find the 900s quite satisfactory.

  96. I have the older Yoga 2 11″ and love it. I travel with it almost weekly, and have never had any problems. Would love to win a newer version.

  97. This is a beautiful machine and I am currently searching for my first laptop but not sure if it has sufficient memory space for my requirements. I was advised to get at least a 1 TB of memory which might be pushing me out of Ultrabook-type. But it’s so PURTY!

  98. The 900S looks like a great machine, though I am addicted to the TrackPoint nub embedded in the keyboard. I use a ThinkPad Yoga 15 (i7/16GB/512GB) daily, and the lighter weight of the 900S is certainly is attractive. The 5 pound weight of the Yoga 15 effectively excludes using it as a tablet.

  99. I have no experience with Yoga’s or hybrids (unless you count a laptop with a touch screen) but the concept is appealing. Thanks for the review Tony.

  100. Eric J. Peterson

    We have 2 of the Original Yoga models here at work. The guys who have them love them and don’t want to give them up, even at 3 1/2 years old. They still run great. I don’t think either of them has ever used it tablet mode. Sounds like this would be a great laptop as well.

  101. Jennifer E. Y. Chun

    This is intriguing to me. The Surface was exciting and great as a tablet. It was difficult to use as a laptop. The Yoga appears to be a better solution.

  102. Patricia Mason

    I would love to have this. It sounds like the ideal size for my needs. Thank you for the chance to win it.

  103. This would be the perfect replacement for my aging Dell laptop; the specs are more than just adequate.

  104. Laura Kiedaisch

    Sounds like a complete package to me. Nice to have the keyboard attached… Does the hinge lock into place if you choose to use the front facing camera to record video. BTW, does it have one?

  105. Been using the Yoga3 pro and find it useful but a bit slow – Like this model 900s and wish I had it – looks good from the review

  106. This would be nice to take on the bus to work and get things done. Not just to browse the web.

  107. The Lenovo Yoga 900S would not be the perfect laptop for me, but it would be pretty damn good, and I’d probably settle happily. I have an old Lenovo Windows 7 laptop. (Just gave in yesterday and upgraded to 10.) The battery’s shot, but it surfs the web and does word processing, which is about the only thing I do these days—but I like the capacity for more. I also have an old iPad. I bought it the first day iPads could be purchased, and it crashes all the time and isn’t safe anymore for my Gmail account. I’d love to have a new machine that combines a tablet and a laptop. There are a few things missing from this particular one: (1) The little eraser-like mouse thingy between the G & the H key. (2) The ability to get 4G cellular data w/o a big honking dongle. I want Verizon, because I’ve got lots of cell-phone data that’s going unused. (3) Access to an Apple-only app called The Art Authority, a database of millions of pieces of art work to flick thru. If you’re interested in knowing what I think is my perfect machine, well, it doesn’t exist. I think the Lenovo X1 Tablet may come closest, but it seems still to be almost vaporware, and it doesn’t get The Art Authority. I can’t quite tell if it will get Verizon data. The other contender is an iPad Pro 12.9”, but I hate to get something that has been out so long when I can’t even find a good deal on it, and it doesn’t do one other thing I’d like which is run Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition. I could defeat that by getting a subscription to Dragon that runs basically on Dragon’s servers, but that’s pricy. Or I could just type, but that’s a pain on a tablet. Overall, I could be pretty happy with the Lenovo Yoga 900S, and I will certainly be grateful if you see fit to give it to me to enjoy.

  108. It is as you say. Tablets are great, but if you want to do heavy duty typing, or apps, you need a laptop, therefore a hybrid fits the need perfectly.

  109. Janet Weymouth-German

    I’m one of those people who’d appreciate the added utilities. Being as I bebop back and forth between my laptop and tablet (while my desktop gathers dust), the Yoga 900S sounds perfect for my needs. And my kids and G’kidlets would be so jealous!

  110. Andrew Griffis

    Sounds like a beautiful machine! We’ve used an Asus Chi Transformer and been a bit disappointed with its reliability and speed, and this would be a great replacement!

  111. Reading other reviews of the Yoga series, it seems there are issues with the hinge – specifically the wiring connections through the hinge. I’m happy you have not experienced that problem. I’m typing this review on a Lenovo Y580 and it has been the best laptop, nay, the best computer, I have used in many years. I hope Lenovo can resolve whatever is keeping their reviews down.

  112. It would be a great do most everything laptop for me. The main tradeoff I have is that I tend to do some “light” machine learning on a tower at home with an i7 (4790K) with 24GB of ram and an SSD. For the small data work that I’m doing the deskside works and almost NO laptop is going to give me that horsepower, so any laptop is a compromise. If I’m just doing standard work, reports, presentations, I don’t need much of anything and I’ve even carried a T100 transformer that gives me most of everything (Windows tablet).

    This machine would probably handle 95% of what I do and 100% of what I need to do on the road so it could cross the chasm from a laptop as just a write reports and presentation tool to something more.

  113. Great unbiased review…Clearly tops the list of ultra high performance ultraportable laptops…Can’t always justify the pricing of these type items but with the loaded Yoga 900S the value is clearly there…Now, if only I had the cash to spend…

  114. Looks pretty sweet. I still don’t have a tablet, this would be great to bring along with me when I am travelling.

  115. Loved my Surface Pro, but one of the fans is not making noise that tells me it is not long for this world. I have decided I like better keyboards than the ones that attach to the Surface. This Lenovo looks like it would do the trick.

  116. I have used a laptop and a tablet at different times. This sounds like a better deal, as I would not need separate devices.

  117. My wife and mother are using a 2-in-1 and loving them. I am still a holdout with a traditional laptop. This baby has enough power to make me a convert.
    Especially love the high resolution display.

  118. My wife loves her Yoga. Hope Lenovo continues to remove adware and security risks from their base system image!

  119. This would be a nice replacement for my non-water proof laptop (it’s dead)! A 2 in 1 makes more sense than having a separate laptop & tablet, and this looks like a very nice one!

  120. I’ve personally never owned a hybrid, however a friend of mine has one that I’ve tinkered with. The hybrid style laptop is definitely the way to go. Having the ability to take a full pc with you on the go is priceless! Lenovo seems to have nailed this concept with the yoga line. I hope to experience it first hand in the near future. Thank you for the review.

  121. Great review!! I had never been that interested in a laptop/tablet before but you made some very interesting points. I’ll have to reconsider my thinking I see!! Thanks for such a great job of providing all the info.

  122. Questioneverything

    Very informative review. Looks like Lenovo hit it out of the park with this one.

  123. Bill McConnell

    This looks pretty sweet. The one thing I’d really like to see that this doesn’t have is discreet graphics. I know it’s a super thin laptop but I’d love to be able to play games on this too.

  124. Thanks for the review. Sounds like it has a lot of good I/O options for when you need them.

  125. I’ve got a much lower powered Dell two-in-one, which I’ve been very happy with. More power would be even nicer!

  126. Michael Hopfensperger

    Looks like a sweet piece of equipment! I’m sure, with time, the price will drop more also. I wonder how well it would do with gaming… 😉

  127. Curious how this compares with some of the early gen 2 in ones. My son tried one and it was horrible.

  128. Looks like a great laptop! I love the slim profile and the ability to completely flip as a tablet. I’ve used an earlier version that didn’t open quite as far.

  129. Chris McCarthy

    I had a Lenovo Thinkpad that worked well for many years. This looks like a nice compromise between tablet and laptop.

  130. Michael Hunter


  131. I’ve always been intrigued by the “hybrid” laptops. The only thing that has kept me from actually starting the purchasing process is the fact that most when converted to “tablet” mode, still leave the keyboard as the back. I haven’t done enough research, but I’ve wondered if the keyboard is turned off, or if you have to be extra careful, as the keyboard is still a usable input device.

  132. This looks like a really wonderful laptop. I cannot wait for the future at this micro processors will allow for some good experiment in form factors.

  133. I agree that a non-detachable keyboard really takes away from the tablet experience. I had an OLD HP touchscreen hybrid, which died due to a graphics card problem that was “resolved’ via a class-action suit, and its much less comparable ASUS hybrid that was provided as the settlement to the suit. Neither was usable as a tablet due to the much higher weight and bulk of the attached keyboard/hardware. Their tiny spinning hinges didn’t inspire much confidence either. This laptop’s hinge seems much sturdier.

  134. My grandson needs a laptop for his school work and this one’s specs seems like the ideal way to go. I can’t afford to buy him one so I hope I get this one.

  135. Calvin Grucelski

    I’ve owned several Lenovo laptops over the years and have always loved them. I’m now using a Microsoft Surface Book, provided by my company, so I’d love one of these for my own personal use.

  136. I like the Yoga keyboard, the keycap shape feels very comfortable. I’ve liked the Lenovo designs for quite a while, especially compared to the Toshiba 2-in-1s that my wife and daughter use. This is a machine I would buy for myself.

  137. Thing is sleek. I have an 11s that’s been decent, but since windows 10, has issues that I can’t seem to resolve. Hopefully something brand new is made with Windows 10 in mind. Also the battery life improvements are massive.

  138. I currently have a Lenovo in this range, but it seems to be much thicker. I’d really like to replace it with a slimmer version!

  139. I’ve had many laptops, but the 2-in-1 is the next step to combine performance and portability. I don’t have one, but would definitely like one.

  140. I’ve always wondered how you’d keep from typing random things when the keyboard is against your lap in tablet mode?

  141. My laptop is literally falling apart. One of the screens two hinges broke. The hinges on this thing look really sturdy.

  142. Wow, looks great. I’ve been researching the Lenovos since they seem to do the 2 in 1 thing really well. I love the Yoga, but I was looking at the Flex or the Microsoft Surfaces as a more budget friendly option too.

  143. I have been waiting for this for awhile.What a pleasure to be able to align the work on the best type of machine suited for that work…. within one package. Documents, spreadsheets, video all being able to take advantage of a single platform, that can easily go where people are going…. and provide a vehicle for complex answers to today’s situations… quickly.

  144. I’ve had a Lenovo Z580 laptop for two years that has been a champ. I removed the 1 TB HD and installed a 1TB SSD and it goes like nobody’s business. I’d love to have an exceptionally versatile unit like the Yoga. It would be great to use in my travels for my business; easier to pack, lighter, longer battery life, etc.

  145. I’ve played with this in a store, solid machines well built and good performance. It’s pretty much as good as it gets right now. SSD is always worth the extra money too

  146. Since Lenovo started making laptops, I’ve never bought anything else nor ever looked back. They make exceptional products. I am certain the Yoga lives up to their standards and would love to have a convertible.

  147. Richard Janowski

    Well written article Tony. You seem to have covered all the bases that we need to consider when evaluating a laptop/tablet purchase.

    I’ve been using an iPad and iPhone but also have an older Windows PC. It would be interesting to see what a device like this is capable of doing.

  148. Pierre Cravat

    My current laptop is an old school, rather aged ThinkPad. It gets the job done eventually, but isn’t exactly a pleasure to operate. On the other hand, it’s still a computer… a wondrous machine to be sure.

  149. Only wish for my eyes would be a larger screen like the Dell XPS13. Gr8 specs and this would let me reduce my traveling weight.

  150. If it continues to live up to the Lenovo quality standard, it’s a keeper. It’s a good size for a tablet with the added bonus of a laptop.

  151. My wife already uses one of these as her primary PC and I borrow it when she isn’t looking. I want one as my secondary/travel device. The keyboard is surprisingly good and I am extremely picky

  152. Abu-Rayyan Najib

    When my last laptop broke, I bought a old corporate laptop with no hard drive. installed a used HD and installed Linux. I would greatly appreciate an new laptop right now. lol

  153. CabinetmakersWife

    Visiting for the first time from the CNET Cheapskate. Looks like an interesting community here. I’ve signed on to follow a few. For now, looking at the Yoga…looks amazingly sweet. Thanks for the invite 🙂

  154. I’m working with an old Dell 2 in 1 that I won in a raffle. It was donated by a corp. and I can not upgrade it to Win10 be cause it is locked to the corp.’s license. I love it; but, today, it is slow as molasses and there are no available upgrade that I can find. Winning this Yoga 900S would make a terrific upgrade for this old IT retiree.

    Love the review. It covered all the bases and was clear about the operation plusses and minuses.

  155. It seems very impressive. I wouldn’t mind giving it a test drive. I hate bloatware as well but a format is what all new laptops and pcs really need from the start to truly get rid of the stuff.

  156. I have got got my hands on a 2 in 1 before, they sound great. I like the way the review was laid out – especially the headlines and of course “the verdict”

  157. I’m no fan of two in ones, but the specs and look are awesome.
    M7 processor – yes
    <3 lbs – yes
    IPS screen – yes
    SSD – yes
    Backlit keyboard – (not typically a deal breaker,but..) yes
    10+ hr battery life – yes

  158. The review manages to be both in-depth, brief but well written. I had one of the earlier Lenovo hybrid laptops. At the time it was an excellent piece of design. This one obviously well surpasses it. The only issue I had with mine was the hinge, which I glad to see they have improved on.

  159. This looks like a great travel computer, but I’d have to see if the tradeoffs work at home.

  160. Very impressive sounding machine…can’t really afford it now, but would love to have your hand-me-downs!

  161. I tried the Lenovo 900 and was seriously tempted. This S version seems perfect! I want it!

  162. Seems like a good deal. I’ve been lugging around a 4 lb laptop for a while, 2.2 lbs doesn’t sound bulky.

  163. This makes an awesome travel machine and looks powerful enough to work in the office also – I want one!

  164. Fiercely Feared

    I think the hybrid laptop/tablets are a great idea. I have not had an opportunity to use one as a teacher. I would love the portability of a tablet with a keyboard.

  165. How does it stack up against Dell’s XPS 13? The Dell does is not a 2-in-1, but otherwise is very impressive.

  166. Yehuda Schuster

    Nice to have a tablet/laptop hybrid. It’s always a challenge using a tablet, and realizing you need things left on the laptop!

  167. Am looking to replace my 7 year old Dell 7 pound laptop. This would be a welcome replacement.

  168. I took a big step up when I switched from an HP laptop to a Toshiba. I’d like to see what a Lenovo can do.

  169. Kenneth Cleary

    I’ve always wanted a thin and light laptop/tablet. Would be a lot better than my chunky monster.

  170. I have an older Thinkpad Yoga. This seems like a drastic step up from mine. It seems heavy and hard to use as a tablet. I do use the tent mode often in the kitchen though.

  171. My MacBook Pro is nice, but it might be nice to have something for the windows side of things, and something with a tablet/touchscreen option. I appreciate the small size of hybrids like these because I don’t like lugging around some huge beast of a machine that’s supposed to be portable. I certainly wouldn’t mind winning this one. It seems powerful enough to get the job done and versatile enough for everyone.

  172. Douglas Barker

    Been experimenting with a Windows 10 tablet for work due to the increased amount of air travel I’ve been doing, and this looks like something that’s significantly less weight and bulk that what I have been using plus some extra horse power and storage.

  173. I have two laptops which are getting old by tech standards (running windows 7). This looks like a very handy replacement. Thanks for the review.

  174. have worked with the yoga 2, 2 in one and would certainly benefit from a turbocharged model!

  175. Daphne Walker

    I have wanted a computer like this for awhile! A daughter in college and the price tag stopped me in my tracks! Fast forward: my HP is dying and I still dying to have one of these!

  176. Yoga! “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” Oh, wait, that;s Yogi, not Yoga. But Lenovo makes a fine computer.

  177. Excellent review! Thoughtful and nuanced, it creates a clear picture of what the consumer can expect from this computer. Although I haven’t tried a hybrid as yet, this review makes me really want to….

  178. 2 in 1’s seem to be the best of both worlds to me. Now if only I could get one that would dual boot into Android and Windows! That would be something!

  179. I need a new laptop for school as mine is over five years old and rather sluggish. A laptop that doubles as a tablet has always been my intended purchase, and this one looks to be exceptional.

  180. I’m looking to replace my 3 yr old HP Envy 15 with something smaller and lighter. Tried the Surface 3 but disliked the disconnecting keyboard. Maybe this is the right one for me.

  181. Thanks for the review. I have twins starting college and its been difficult deciding which UltraBook is the best value. One store associate says to go with one brand. In another store we get just the opposite advice about that same brand. Each one recommends a different brand. My research has just shown me that there are issues from every manufacturer’s UltraBook that lead me to think that none are a good purchase for a student who is going to need a reliable laptop. I would like to get all of the UltraBooks on a trial basis to put them through software testing. Seeing them in a store doesn’t let anyone get a good idea of how they really perform. All of the reviews for Lenovo’s UltraBooks are good but I see a lot being offered as refurbished, so it difficult to know if one is a good choice. I would love to try one out to see for my self.

  182. Nice balanced review. I have a laptop, but it’s getting a tad long in the tooth, and would like to experiment with a hybrid.

  183. This is a stellar device and It would really be great with my graduate classes and heavy science software…. too bad is very price

  184. My general experience with 2-in-1’s is that they are too big to be my tablet. Maybe I’ll get lucky and have a chance to see if the Yoga 900S changes my mind.

  185. stevemiller22

    I like the hybrid laptops and this one seems to be one of the better one. I like the size and weight. It would be nice to get my hands on one.

  186. I’ve had a Lenovo laptop before never had complaints, and with this in-depth review, makes me want to get another one. The capabilities of this one seem to make it stand out, but the price does as well.

  187. This review makes me want one. I like Lenovo laptops and would love to use a smaller form factor machine when I travel.

  188. A hybrid laptop sound like a good idea. This review certainly makes it sound good!

  189. Love the hybrids, i am pleasantly surprised at the thinness on this one, as i am a sucker for portable computing power and this one, would suit me just great 🙂

  190. Sounds worth a try. Except for the bloatware of course. I need something to replace my single core dinosaur.

  191. Kevin waffenschmidt

    I have a Lenovo 7 8nch (early) tab. I still use it. Sounds like they have another solid tablet to offer.

  192. I love the looks of this 2 in 1. My only 2 in 1 was a Lenovo ThinkPad that my employer provided for me, and man have they improved the styling and specs in such a thin device. I love the design and also think the hinge is pretty cool looking, it also looks very well built. One of my main issues with the ThinkPad was the limited battery life, but 10.5 hours of video playback is amazing for such a small thin profile on the Yoga. I am very impressed and would love to give one of the newest Lenovo Yoga’s a whirl. Great Job!

  193. I am an admirer of Lenovo laptops and would love to try this one out. I’ve never had a 2 in 1 hybrid before, but it looks very cool and useful!

  194. James McNichol

    I was (and still am a bit) iffy with 2-in-1 hybrids. They’ve always seemed like a good idea, but nothing ever stood out as a well balanced machine (ie- great display, battery, OS, spacious enough keyboard, etc.).

  195. I’ve enjoyed my ultrabook for the last 3.5 years, but would love to step up to a hybrid with excellent battery life, like this Lenovo Yoga 900S. Thanks.

  196. Sounds like a decent trade-off between power and portability. I could do without the bloatware though.

  197. Never had a 2-in-1 hybrid. I can’t imagine this Lenovo replacing both the Macbook Air and an iPad (even though you have to carry 2 machines vs just one). Also I think OS X and iOS beat Windows 10 in terms of reliability and ease of use. I am not a big fan of the Windows Store; many of the apps don’t work as well as their Windows counterpart. It would however be interesting to try installing Android on the Lenovo – turning it into a Windows laptop / Android tablet.

  198. Looks like a Mac killer to me. Small size, great looks and powerful performance. I might have to buy one.

  199. I like the slim design of the Yoga 900S and the hinges look very aesthetic. Also good to see they include both Type A and Type C USB ports.

  200. I’ve always wanted the flexibility that a laptop/tablet design could provide, but always felt there was too much compromise. This looks like a winner, though.

  201. Carly Moskowitz

    My Toshiba’s motherboard died on me at just under 2 years, so I’m in pretty desperate need for a replacement before August. This one looks fantastic.

  202. Seems like a decent laptop/hybrid, at least for light-duty work. I like that it has a Type-C port.

  203. Rich Henderson

    I’ve got a big heavy laptop, but a lightweight hybrid sounds pretty wonderful about now…

  204. Though I am not a big fan of tablet computing (I find it very limiting) the idea of a 2-in-1 answers many of my tablet issues. I am a touch typist (I also write as part of my work) and touch-screen typing/data entry is clumsy at best.

  205. Donald Boothby

    Well, since my wife has just bought a 2-in-1, I think I’m left behind. Maybe I can catch up (and make her a bit jealous) with one of these?

  206. It really seems to be a good choice, I have been using my personal laptop for around 6 years and this sounds as a good option to upgrade, the only thing I am not sure will be enough is the storage space, but I guess it is matter to use clouds more intensively

  207. I would LOVE to have this 2 in 1! The benefits of a tablet and laptop in 1 device would be awesome!

  208. The keyboard doesn’t look like it would add enough bulk to be problematic for my needs. Sweet machine!

  209. I’m looking for a small, light laptop with great battery life, so one of these would be great. I don’t mind that there’s no optical drive or that the hard drive is small; on the other hand, I wouldn’t pay this much to get the tablet touchscreen feature or the back-flip hinge function.

  210. The Lenova Yogas have had a good reputation. It looks like this one is consistent with that reputation and a nice step forward.

  211. These 2 in 1’s have always interested me. Would love to see this one. Review sounds great!

  212. This sounds like an extremely powerful – and attractive – hybrid. I’ve always wanted a MacBook Air, but the Lenovo probably had more going for it now, especially the ability to be be used as a tablet of sorts. I’ll look forward to receiving my own computer in the mail any day, right?? Thanks for the chance.

  213. I like the idea of a 2-in-1. I also like the idea of
    a hard drive, but not the cloud. I’d also prefer the
    silver version, but hey, free is free and I thank you
    for the opportunity.

  214. I was thinking about purchasing a 13″ MacBook Air for work and travel. Now I’m not so sure. The Yoga 900S can do everything the Air can do, with the ability to use it as a tablet as well. I love the specs of the Core m7 option. I NEED to win this gorgeous device!!

  215. Michael Elworth

    I think this competes well with a Surface Pro since you can actually put this on your lap but I wish they offered a 512GB SSD or larger option.

  216. This review will definitely make me put this on the list of laptops to consider for my next purchase.

  217. Ryan Oberndorf

    Looks pretty decent for a portable device. Certainly easier than lugging a laptop around.

  218. Spence Roberts

    I have looked, studied and watched as the hybrid 2 in 1 get better and better reviews. With your great hype about this computer – I may have to look into owning one finally.

  219. Mike Johnston

    I like the weight, I am using a Toshiba at the moment about double the weight, which in itself is not to heavy. I also like the specks with a core m7, solid state drive, & 8 GB of memory, I can’t even think of any upgrades it would need.

  220. Debbie Holmberg

    The first thought was; “it’s beautiful as well as functional.” I use a small Lenovo laptop for work when I am traveling but there are so many times when I would have loved to have just a tablet to use in bed. I put on a lot of miles and hotels are frequently my home away from home.. Thank you for the review, you answered many of my questions. Please enter me into the drawing and thank you for the opportunity.

  221. Would love to update my aging computer, this would work just fine. I don’t want to share with my children anymore. Please and thank you

  222. I would like the ability to have both functions that the Yoga 900S can do. Looks like a very light and functional alternative to carrying multiple computing/communicating power.

  223. This looks lke a great device. I love the long lasting battery which would help me when I travel. The 2 in 1 is definitely a plus and very useful.

  224. I like my 10″ tablet, but it’s just a little too small for my taste. On the other hand, my 15.6″ laptop is a bit too big for a tablet, if it had a touch screen and could fold around into tablet mode, like this does. I would love to win one of these for when I travel.

  225. This sounds like a very nice machine. I love the 2-in-1s because I can use them as regular computers, then use the touch screen or things that are easier to use with touch.

  226. Love the form factor and after reading the review it seems to be just what i’m looking for.

  227. What a beautiful machine! I’m glad companies are now taking on Apple when it comes to style. Add in touch input, Windows 10 (yes, I prefer it over Mac OS), and the ability to function as both a laptop and a tablet and you’ve got a real winner, imo. I’ve given my aging SP3 quite a beating over the past couple of years. I love the dual functionality, but it’s finally starting to falter (probably also due to my 11 month old son spiking it on the floor–totally forgivable, gotta see what happens, right?). Even if I don’t win it, this is on my list of contenders to buy.

  228. Michael Patenaude

    Yoga is at the top of my list for laptop tablets. It has the bast of both world, laptop power with tablet flexibility.

  229. i have been shopping around for a computer for my kid before school starts. this one looks light and fast, a combination that is hard to find. also, the convertible feature will go over big with her. windows 10 means she can run all kinds of special programs (not just chromebook stuff). battery life also has to be good. thanks for the review.

  230. I have Lenovo Twist and I chose it over the early Yoga as I preferred it’s swivel form factor over the 360 bend format. I would diffintley buy another Lenovo, with specs like that, and dependability, no brainier. I just still don’t like the exposed keyboard when yoga is in tablet mode.

  231. Sounds like a great device, but I worry about my fat finger on the tiny keyboard.

  232. I need flexibility, strong support and fun in my life. I can’t do actual yoga for these benefits but this Lenovo Yoga seems to be the key to providing all of these these. I have a Lenovo Desktop and LOVE IT!!! I feel like I have discovered some treasure of a brand that no one else knows about.
    This Laptop looks like it will deliver the same high quality, with incredible value for money, speed, and cutting edge features that are independently impressive without having to compare to other brands (Apple I’m looking at you).

  233. David Richbart

    I’m wondering if the size benefit is worth the loss of processing power of the full size processor. Of course winning this beauty certainly makes up for it.

  234. I’ve been using a Surface Pro 3 that has a lot to recommend it, but I think I’d prefer the keyboard that rotates all the way back instead of Microsoft’s detachable one.

  235. I have an older yoga, I love it. It is one of my best utility machines. Reliability and fast start make it a joy.

  236. I have never owned a hybrid, but have been eyeing the Yoga products for a while. Most all of the reviews I have read are positive, and this review has really clinched it for me. The Lenovo Yoga 900S sounds like the best marriage of laptop and tablet.

  237. Sign me up for a Yoga 900S! I can see myself kicking off a Nessus security scan of my network while in laptop mode, then nonchalantly flipping to tablet mode so I can.cozy up with a good e-book on the couch.

  238. Định Trần

    I considered this briefly, but decided against it because of its price and I did not need touchscreen and tablet functionality. I went with ZenBook UX305 for half the price and Microsoft’s signature edition – no bloatware.

  239. Michael L Jones

    This sounds great! I also prefer to load my own software and like the way my tablet disengages from it’s keyboard but I really like the idea of having a faux tablet with a good engine under its hood! Nice review, Thanks!

  240. Like all other Lenovo laptops, does this have a UEFI installation of Windows 10 capable of supporting dual-boot of ChromeOS via Neverware CloudReady? IF so, then it’s THE laptop for ME!

  241. Nathan Twichel

    Very good review would love to have a chance of a laptop upgrade, currently in working of a 6 year old laptop.

  242. After a year now on the Mac side, I’m thinking strong about coming back to Windows. This machine looks awesome. My family sure could use something like this!

  243. A hybrid laptop sounds like a good idea. This review certainly makes it sound good!

  244. Kenneth Richards

    I have never had a laptop. The description sounds like this is a top of the line item

  245. I bought the first 2 in 1, the original toshiba portege! I also bought the first Lenovo yoga, which I dropped on its corner and shattered the screen. Now I have a lowly HP x360.
    I would reeeeeally love to win the YOGA 900s !!!!!

  246. It’s a beautiful machine. Gorgeous display, portable, ssd storage, backlit keyboard. For me it ticks all the checkboxes as a hybrid.

  247. Amy Lynne Schulze

    I work from and out of my home mostly reselling deals I have the time to find that others don’t or aren’t savvy enough to do themselves 🙂 Therefore, I’m constantly on one device or another (sure feels like 24/7 sometimes). This would be a bigger screen, better processor and just all around huge improvement for me…. and the price is right lol 🙂 Blessed Be!

  248. While I have my eye on 2 in 1’s, particularly for their potential in on the go live music production, so far the premium has very much put me off a purchase. My main laptop was never portable enough, as I bought it for gaming. The weight and penchant for over heating meant I mostly have kept it hooked to a TV as essentially a desktop replacement. What I eventually did was buy one of the ultra cheap Bay Trail Windows tablets, in this case an HP Stream 8 (bonus cellular connectivity ftw). Tossed on a Bluetooth keyboard folio and mouse and I have been using it as my ultra portable laptop since. The lack of power has only been a minor limitation in my time with it.

    I was hoping to get similar for my family with 2GB RAM at least, with a newer processor line, so they wouldn’t have as many performance hiccups. It would be more power than my mother or sister really need. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a Windows tablet competitor in that <$150 price range with any newer tech. The Bay Trail Atom processor line was subsidized by Intel to get into the tablet market and Windows 8 with Bing cut Microsoft's price out of the equation. Without that strong combination, getting the full tablet-as-a-computer setup again for under $250 is almost out of the question.

  249. I’ve only seen 2 in 1s, but as a laptop user I’m thinking of trying one -especially if I win this one. I can’t say that I’ve had good experiences with Lenovo but Tony’s review gave enough good input that I am entering the giveaway. Since I already subscribe to TechSpective, I’m familiar with Tony’s approach to tech and comfortable with and trust his opinion.

  250. The Yoga 900S is just what I need. But unfortunately out of my budget, unless I get it for free of course. 🙂

  251. I have a low-end 2 in 1 laptop. It is alright, worth what I paid for it.I would bet the Yoga is a completely different experience, massively better.

  252. After PC and Macs, this Lenovo laptop is a breath of fresh air. Not a purposely classy broad at any time in my many years, Lenovo would push me out of the normally cheap and plastic world and drag me, kicking and laughing into business meetings with an air of “I’m in charge” other than the usual “poor boss” muttered. I suppose I may have to add to the ambiance and actually change my hairstyle, have a mani/pedi and wear a dress in order to live up to what this Lenovo will shout to all. No longer will I have to lug around the heavy, obsolete computer in the big black heavy briefcase taking its toll on my back. Only when I was burdened delivering my son’s books in his backpack to high school have I felt this pain (I refuse to consider that my middle age arthritis has anything to do it). Lenovo! Gently used (as my other used car dealer says – often)! I would smile the rest of my living days and be ever grateful for getting me out of slacks, flats, ponytail and back into dresses, heels and a sharp hairstyle/color. Under no circumstances does makeup get thrown in (unless, of course, it comes with a sharp case worthy of its greatness… And a new, improved, sharp dame 😉
    Thanks for the fun and the chat!! Enjoy your day!

  253. Who would not want one of the machines. My Yoga 2 pro is fantastic and this should only be better.

  254. Would love to have the flexibility of a two in one as a graduate student. Great for taking notes in class and easy to move among home, the lab, and around campus.

  255. I have a Lenovo flex and love it, the kiosk mode is useful for making presentations. I’ve wanted a Yoga for years.

  256. John W Gorman

    I’ve been thinking about getting a hybrid in the future and this review has me thinking sooner rather than later.

  257. I’d love to win the Lenovo Yoga 900S. My son is taking our HP laptop to college with him, so it’s either buy a cheapy or hopefully win this one. Boy oh boy is college crazy expensive.

  258. Phillip Barnett

    I haven’t used a windows laptop in a while, but I like the form factor to utilize some of those features.

  259. Honestly, I would rather use a separate tablet and a separate high powered laptop rather than a 2 in 1. They are not portable enough to be considered a tablet, yet too underpowered to meet the demands of modern computing.

  260. I’ve been interested in upgrading and this looks like it could fit the bill. Good review. Thanks.

  261. Tony, how would you compare this 2-in-1 to the SurfaceBook? It seems like the ability to detach for a “true tablet” experience is fairly major, no?

  262. I read the review and this laptop/tablet is just what I need. It’s powerful and beautiful. I hope I win.

  263. Michael “mic” Wu

    A lightweight, ultra-portable 2 in 1 hybrid is just what I need for my busy lifestyle. I have always been interested in Lenovo products, and am crossing my fingers that I’ll win!

  264. Craig Cipriano

    I’ve never had an issue with the Lenovo laptops I’ve used at work. Always solid and up to whatever challenge was at hand. I Would LOVE to have a personal one to play with.

  265. Michael Dennis

    Super! I need a “litetop” for on the go with plenty of power to get the job done fast.

  266. JediMasterNerd

    I’ve been considering buying a Surface Pro 4 but after reading this review I’ll need to look into the Lenovo a bit more. Would have been nice for the review to compare the device to the Surface line.

  267. Have had experience with older Lenovo laptop, mostly positive. This is definitely a model I would consider when I upgrade.

  268. Well the first thing I like about the Yoga is the backlit keyboard. I know it’s a simple thing really but the one I currently own doesn’t have one and it is beyond aggravating. I also like the watchband design on the hinge. It classes it up just enough without being tacky. Thanks for the review and a shot at winning.

  269. Al del Rosario

    Always lugged around a MBP or regular notebook, but rarely needed the power. For what I need, battery life would be a priority and this sounds like it would work out for me.

  270. I’ve been eyeing the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. While the Yoga, Surface, and other hybrids are all so similar, the price of the Yoga is a bit better and I like the “real” keyboard for writing. But I must admit the lack of bloatware on the Surface models is highly attractive, after going through several OS upgrades on my current laptop. I know you’re a Surface fan, but you’ve put the Yoga on my short list. Thanks for the information.

  271. I actually haven’t had much exposer with tablet/laptop hybrids and have been looking for a good sized one with all the features I’d need, and this looks like it could be perfect!

  272. Jason Stringer

    I bought a Surface Pro 4 last year shortly after its introduction. While mostly satisfied I have 2 areas where I think the Yoga 900S would have been a better choice.

    1. Battery Life – Microsoft says the battery can last as long as 9 hours but the best I’ve been able to get under moderate use is 5 hours
    2. Screen size – My personal laptop is a Macbook Air with 13 inch screen. I find the 12.3 inch screen on the Surface to be very bright but a bit small.

  273. I’ve been shopping for a laptop or tablet and this is sure a pretty one! It’s also a heck of a lot more expensive. I’d be thrilled to win one! If I don’t win I’m going to need to make a decision on what to buy and that’s been a problem.

  274. I’ve been itching to get a laptop for a few weeks now and this lenovo 900 is one of my favorites right now. Lightweight and versatile. I’m also looking at the surface pro 4 and Hp spectre 360, but I’d definitely like to win this if I could.

  275. Thanks for the honest review.
    Yes, I think it seems like something ideal for me as a busy SAHM with small kids. Light, 2 in 1 and a pleasure to look at! Sign me up for that giveaway!

  276. Thank you for this review. I have a Lenovo laptop right now, i really love the long battery life Lenovo provides. I can work on it all day. However, i am carring it in my handbag all day, and its a bit heavy, so i need something light which would not add much on the books i am carring but be powerfull enough to support my studies in design and information sustems. This light 2 in 1 lenovo looks like the perfect fit.

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