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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Reliable Hosting Provider

Once your company has a website, the only thing that is going to make it successful is if the traffic gets through and for this to happen, you need an excellent hosting provider. Without website hosting, your web page won’t be seen at all, the hosting provides you space on the server where you can store all the files that are needed to power your website.

Put simply, when someone wants to access your website, the server sends those files through the Internet and voila, they can access your website. To make things complicated, not all hosting sites are the same so you need to understand the market and what to look out for.

Have no limits

One of the most important things you should be looking for from a hosting provider is an unlimited amount of space when it comes to traffic, emails and documents so you can get the most out of all of your hard work. If you’re just blogging you can get away with a budget hosting site that has a limit on the space but if you want to create a business out of it, you really ought to opt for unlimited space.

Security is a big deal

You can’t just rely on a website telling you they’re secure, to trust them with your entire business or thoughts and ideas. If the company goes down, your server and storage in the cloud will go down with it. So, instead of just looking for the cheapest option, have a good shop around and read testimonials, customer satisfaction results and do your research before you put your business in the hands of a company that isn’t trustworthy.

Time is money

Patient people are a dying breed; you need to find a server that is extremely efficient to keep the traffic flowing on your site. As soon a website starts playing up, the bounce rate will go up and you’ll wish you invested in that faster hosting provider.

Website speed is also part of Google’s algorithm when it comes to looking at how useful your website is to the user and essentially, your highly important SEO ranking. If your website takes a long time to open (page load), Google will see this as your users having a poor experience and automatically lower your ranking.

The environment

It’s also worth thinking about your global footprint and opting for an eco-friendly company. Did you know that facilities for data storage are taking up more and more space each year?

Choosing a hosting provider that uses a cloud based server means you’re supporting a company that is trying to reduce the impact data centers have on the environment—check out this clever interactive piece by hosting provider UK2 that shows just how serious the issue of data centers is.

Get help

If you’re no tech wizard yourself, definitely opt for a hosting provider who is there around the clock to give you help. There are companies out there that are available 24hrs a day to give you technical help, answer all sorts of questions and fix anything that needs fixing. Always check what support is included in the price when signing up.

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