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The Products You Need for a Business on the Move

If you run a business which is always on the move, you may be in need of some essentials. Whether you’ve been doing it for years and looking for a little upgrade or are starting and want to know what you need to bring along with you for the ride – we’ve got you covered.


The first thing is luggage. Depending on what your business is will determine what luggage you need. If you work in photography, for example, you’re going to need hard cases and padding designed to hug your equipment to avoid it getting broken and damaged. And let’s not forget that if you’re carrying any valuables to take them as hand luggage (you don’t want to arrive at your next job without any equipment to carry out the work).


Poor internet connection – or none at all – can have a huge impact on a business. But with a portable internet connection, you’re sure to be able to run your business from anywhere you want. Simply buy a compact mobile router, dongle or sim and you can take wi-fi anywhere. Monthly or pay-as-you-go options are available so you can find a plan which works best for your business.

Card readers

In today’s society when debit and credit card is favoured way of paying, you will want to invest in a card reader to take payment. And thanks to the advancements made in technology, you no longer need to be stood behind a bulky till attached to a desk. Instead, there are now compact card readers which work with tablets. Ideal for business on the go.

Computer systems

That leads us nicely to computer systems. You will want to bring along a laptop or tablet for you to work on. If you are regularly on the move, you will want to invest in a light and thin laptop which won’t take up too much space. Think about if you need a laptop or can fully function with just a tablet. This will free up even more room and reduce how much you need to take with you.


If you’re in the events business or catering, for example – one which will provide a service for many hours, you might want to invest in portable toilets. If you’re offering food and drink, by having luxury toilets, such as the ones offered by Fortis Hire, it means customers won’t have to travel far if you’re working with them – and they won’t need to rush talking to you. As well as this, it also means you and your staff don’t need to be away for too long hunting for the toilet. This isn’t something you’ll need to pack yourself, your toilet provider will deliver and set it up for you – so don’t worry about having to find a suitcase big enough.

Table and chairs

You’ll want to have tables and chairs for your customers and staff to sit at. There are some fantastic compact solutions which simply fold out to give you the perfect welcoming space – meaning you won’t need to pack a toolkit to build the table yourself.

If you run a business on the move, consider how what you take with you can benefit the business and your customers.

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