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iPhone 8 vs. BlackBerry KEYone: If You Value Life the BlackBerry Is Better

What is your life worth to you? How about the lives of your spouse, kids or significant other? Before there was an iPhone, smartphones were largely defined by three things: 1. A focus on business and communications, 2. Battery life measured in days and not hours, and 3. A keyboard which you could blind type on. This last turned out to be extremely important because, with the keyboard and some practice, you could do things like drive and text and generally not kill yourself. But screen phones like the iPhone require far more attention and now a whopping 3,000 kids die, and 300,000 are injured each year because they can’t put the damn phone down when they drive.

Your kid is now more likely to get killed by texting than by drinking, and – just like with drunk drivers – they may be killed even if they aren’t the one behaving badly as a passenger in a car being driven by someone texting or because they were hit by one of those distracted drivers. Where I live, a guy took out an entire bus of folks while texting.

Now I’m not saying that anyone should text while driving even with a BlackBerry, but apparently folks can’t seem to resist. Short of taking away their phones and breaking their fingers, the best path would seem to be to go back to a design that was safer to use.

Let’s lead with safety but talk about why the KEYone BlackBerry phone is better than the coming iPhone 8.


The new iPhone is rumored to be priced at a whopping $1,200. For that kind of money I’d expect it to do house chores. As amazing as it is likely to be, I doubt it will do that. The US Version of the KEYone is priced at $550 unlocked on Amazon. If you have two kids you could buy them both new phones for the price of the new Apple and still have money to take your spouse out to a nice dinner with a couple drinks. It uses Qualcomm’s 625 solution for connectivity which, thanks to Apple’s suing Qualcomm, Apple likely won’t be able to use or will cripple it if they follow past practices so connectivity (kind of important on a smartphone) will be better.


Unlike an iPhone where everyone and their brother has one, there aren’t a ton of KEYone phones in the market. In fact, one of the leading complaints is that they sold out fast – making it likely you’ll be the only person in the room using one. If you value being unique and not being one of the crowd, the KEYone will remain far more unique and exclusive than the iPhone.


While we don’t know how long the new iPhone batteries will last, typically an iPhone is lucky to make it a full day. The KEYone will go two days and it has the Qualcomm fast charge 3.0 technology, meaning if you just have a few minutes with power you can very rapidly recharge it. In addition, the physical keyboard isn’t just safer to use, it is massively faster than a screen keyboard. While I wouldn’t type the great American novel on it, if you tend to be wordy it’ll save you a ton of time and missed typing aggravation.


Typically, iOS is more secure than the Android OS that runs on the KEYone, but Android on the KEYone is wrapped with DTEK which is BlackBerry’s proprietary technology for securing the phone and protecting against root kits. This exposure exists for iPhones as well, and once a phone has been compromised – be it iOS or Android – you are basically screwed because root kits are very hard to find and typically can only be removed by imaging the phone since they reside under the OS. BlackBerry resides under Android which means the KEYone is uniquely secure (which is why BlackBerry’s are preferred by governments).

Wrapping Up

Now I have no issue texting while driving, I can put the phone down and not pick it up again until I’m parked. But a lot of folks, and kids are easily distracted and for them the choice likely should be the KEYone or no smartphone (and, given the number of deaths, were I a parent, I’d seriously consider the latter.

But to me safety, value, exclusivity, productivity, and security trump a stunning screen, attractive case, and maybe a few better features tied to entertainment. I can’t enjoy any smartphone if I’m dead or crippled so I chose the KEYone, and maybe you should as well.

11 thoughts on “iPhone 8 vs. BlackBerry KEYone: If You Value Life the BlackBerry Is Better”

  1. David Macdonald

    The screen just fell off my KEYone. Which makes every other aspect of the phone now irrelevant…..

  2. Are you sure you aren’t an apple fanboy giving bb a hard time? The new ones are stronger and better is offering a full one year warranty and will straight up replace your sdefective screen issue….

    1. Did we read the same article? The whole thing is about how great the BlackBerry is and why the BlackBerry might be a better option than an iPhone 8. In what world does that make somebody an “Apple fanboy”? I mean, as far as I’m concerned, BlackBerry has been dead for years and I commend Rob for noticing them at all–never mind writing about BlackBerry devices. From my perspective, he may as well be saying, “Surface Pro vs. Commodore 64: If You Don’t Like Malware Go with the Commodore”. Regardless, I don’t think there is any rational way to paint the article or Rob as an “Apple fanboy” for this post.

      1. I think Jon is talking about David’s response not my post. I’m kind of skeptical about the screen comment myself, looks like a Troll. But Jon’s point on it being covered under warranty is correct.

  3. I m actually worried now some may ramp up prices after seeing the apple price, I will probably import my v30.
    I really hope people turn their backs on apple and I wager next year a Fingerprint sensor will be on the back of the iPhone Xs.

  4. I love this post ,so unique …i just dont like Android..i prefer IOS more …but i love the physical keyboard!

  5. I genuinely dislike Apple and Android.
    I always used a PC and Blackberry.
    Now that BB 10 is almost dead…I have no choice but to choose the lesser of 2 evils…Apple or Android?
    I tried an Iphone for a bit more than a year… I have to admit that it runs very smooth and it is a nice looking simple device/OS
    However…It becomes soo complicated when its time to put music or video on the device. ITunes is really buggy, force me to do stuff I dont want, syncinc without me wanting to. Most of the video i am trying to load in the phone are incompatible..
    It is also impossible to download any files on the phone…

    With Android…everything is less complicated are more open…but full of bug and It feels like I am just giving my privacy away to Google…a huge spyware machine ( in my opinion).

    Now…with Blackberry running Android…it gives me a bit of hope. Just a bit…because I know that Blackberry will be more secure than every other Android device. But at the same time , I am not convince they can/or are allowed to control or limit google’s acces to data.
    I’ve been playing a bit with the DTEK app…very usefull so far . Plesantly surprised . But still not fully able to limit google data acces 100%

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