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Will Advanced Apple Watch Apps Make Family Doctors Less Popular?

Several brand characteristics put Apple at the top of mobile app development, but if there is one that definitely promotes it before everyone else, that is intuitive marketing. While it is true that the sleekness of Apple products is irreplaceable, it may not be its number-one strength. Not everyone will agree, but Apple knows what the people need even before they get the idea themselves. Apple Watch apps might just rise to be the next propeller of this truth.

Despite its name, the ‘watch’ component of the Apple Watch turned out not to be its most helpful perk. So, when the name doesn’t do the best service to the product, what does a smart company do? It concentrates on its most lovable feature – activity or, if we connect the future to its benefit – on health.

The music is also amazing, but we all know that the iPod rules the music area. It is no wonder that speakers at the recent opening of the Steve Jobs Theater praised the improved health enhancers of the newest Apple Watch edition.

Heart Rate Diagnostics with the New Apple Watch App

Aside from giving kudos to the eagerly expected iPhone X, the event in September paid tribute to mobility and health associated upgrades of the Apple Watch. Not only was the event held in the sophisticated Apple Park that swears on 100% renewable energy, but it also set new standards for the offer in the Apple app store. If Apple humanized technology, then the Apple Watch is as close as it gets to an on-the-call doctor.

The new Series 3 doesn’t even need an iPhone to pair as it comes with cellular. The device can be used independently. It can help a blind runner complete the daily marathon training, a 99-year old lady travel the world, and a 9-year old girl manage safe blood glucose levels. Reaching your HIIT milestones is the least you will get, as the built-in Apple Watch apps enable a comparison of the resting and the recovery heart rates, and heart rhythm measurement. And, it seems that these two factors play a critical role in stroke prevention. These advanced diagnostics may not be the cause of your doctor stepping down, but will definitely save you hours of waiting time and even help you in case of emergencies. Now that you don’t need to have your iPhone at hand, it all gets easier.

With 50% sales growth in the last year and 97% customer satisfaction with the sleek gadget, the prospects of Apple Watch apps are growing. Tech companies dedicated to Apple Watch app development dig this and are invested to match up the built-in apps which focus on mobility and activity aspects of the Apple wearable.

Face ID Improves Security Features of Apple Products

Security and privacy have always been Apple’s policy highlight, and despite the extreme arguments in both directions of the overall security of iOS technology, the Apple Watch is still one of the most secure smart devices. The safety of the device is not only a result of the multiple security features that come with the product itself, but it can also be attributed to the growing market of Apple Watch apps targeting customer’s data and privacy.

Growing security concerns are expected when you manage your home and watch your health from your wrist, but there is one aspect of the latest iOs devices that can tackle the worries.

With the new Face ID feature that comes with the iPhone X, you face is your password. The improved facial recognition technology is based on neural engines, a dual-core design, 600 billion operations per second and real-time processing. Although the Apple Watch can now work on its own, without the iPhone, attentive users can hope to see this authentication technology as a working alternative for specific Apple Watch apps in the feature – at least as an option for apps tracking health and payment processing.

The sustainable Apple Park is now welcoming visitors with an obvious intent to promote safe environments. With all that office greenery and powerful new smartwatch apps in the Apple store, there is a promising wave of digitized routine medical interventions that can ease down the pressure on medical professionals.

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