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Securing an Organization: Top 5 Cybersecurity Solutions for Prevention, Detection and Response

Every organization is looking for the best endpoint securitya way to protect their assets, especially with today’s rapidly changing threat landscape and increasingly regulated business environment. Getting breached has consequences not only for an organization’s customers, users and the bottom line, but far-reaching legal repercussions that can affect the organization’s ability to do business for years to come, which is why effective cybersecurity is crucial.

From the antivirus and anti-spam solutions of the past, to the endpoint security solutions of the last few years, to today’s wider prevention, detection and response platforms—the market is flooded with numerous vendors, each claiming to be the best at securing the organization while making life easier for the security professionals tasked with getting the job done. We have reviewed 5 of the leading solutions on the market for prevention, detection and response. Each has its own approach to securing the organization. Customers should educate themselves regarding the capabilities of each, as prevention, detection and response is a broad category, and each area can be achieved in a number of ways.

Here are 5 of the leading solutions for prevention, detection and response:


The Cynet 360 platform is a comprehensive, enterprise-grade security solution which protects the internal network of organizations from both known and previously unknown threats. Deployed via the cloud, or on-site (according to client preference) and with no agent installation necessary, the platform can integrate across thousands of endpoints in under 2-hours. Once implemented, the Cynet platform enables full visibility across the network, endpoints, users and files.

The Cynet platform is managed via a user-friendly GUI, and includes multiple capabilities within its product offering, without the need to purchase or administer them separately, or across different consoles. This includes Endpoint Detection & Response, Incident Response, manual and automated remediation, User Behavior Analytics, network analytics, threat intelligence and forensics reporting, deception, a sandbox and a 24/7 SOC. As a result of its centralized implementation and management, Cynet is suited for any size organization, as it provides enterprise-grade security but with a minimal investment of organizational resources and manpower.


Cybereason is widely recognized for its EDR and NGAV combination offering. It is well known today that anti-virus is not enough, and Cybereason has integrated next-generation AV with their Deep Detect and Respond EDR solution. The Cybereason approach is based on an endpoint sensor, which detects threats and malicious activity on the machine.

Users will find Cybereason’s zero-day ransomware feature to be effective, and with its level of accurate detections, the false positives can be overlooked. Additionally, users will find the threat detection console intuitive, which gives security teams the ability to view suspicious items. Users can also quarantine and remediate processes across the environment, if the effected machine is online, as well as create whitelists and blacklists of processes and behaviors. Cybereason supports the latest Windows, Mac and OS.


Under its umbrella of security products, FireEye provides a broad variety of solutions to organizations. One of them is Helix, FireEye’s enterprise security offering, which centralizes prevention, detection and response in one security operations platform that collects data and other indicators from both FireEye and non-FireEye security components. Utilizing real-time intelligence from FireEye’s Dynamic Threat Intelligence cloud, and further backed by data gleaned from Mandiant’s frontline malware investigations, Helix enables detection with few false-positives.

There is also FireEye’s Endpoint Security offering, which comes integrated with AV to provide detection for IOCs across Windows desktop and servers. And FireEye’s Network Security offering, which provides threat detection by integrating individual network appliances. Other products offered by FireEye include Threat Intelligence, Threat Analytics, Managed Defense and the Security Suite for SMBs. FireEye provides a different console for each agent it offers, making it easy to monitor individual areas without confusion. FireEye products are especially suited for large organizations, with resources to invest in the integration of a broad security solution across many endpoints.


A cloud-based endpoint protection and monitoring platform known as Falcon (though a lightweight sensor must be implemented on the endpoint), the CrowdStrike solution has the ability to provide a broad view of activity on the machine by taking a multiple module approach to integration across the organization. The CrowdStrike tool is particularly suited for organizations with a large, experienced security staff as the implementation and learning curve will be faster.

For the organization worried about malware, CrowdStrike provides threat hunting on the endpoint. Among the CrowdStrike solutions are Endpoint Protection, Threat Intelligence, Overwatch (the platform’s threat hunting service), Insight (CrowdStrike’s approach to EDR), Spotlight (for vulnerability assessment) and Prevent – a NGAV. Each module is purchased and managed separately. The CrowdStrike modules are managed via a clean, straight-forward user console.

Carbon Black

Carbon Black uses its advanced technologies to offer a robust solution to organizations in need of endpoint security. Among Carbon Black’s most recognized products are Cb Predictive Security Cloud, their approach to a cloud-based endpoint protection platform; Cb Defense, which offers real-time detection, history and blocking in a NGAV and EDR combo; and Cb Threat Insight, a threat hunting and detection tool.

Once launched, visibility across the endpoints is almost immediate and users can monitor alerts as they come in on the solution’s easy-to-navigate console. As is the case with other multiple module security offerings, Carbon Black provides a high level of visibility, and is ideal for large organizations whose security teams have the time, resources and knowledge necessary to integrate, tune and test product implementations across the system.

The needs of the organization

Every organization has its own unique needs, as well as capabilities (which usually align with the resources at its disposal). Large companies frequently look for a product to secure every front. With the knowledge, manpower and ability to manage many security products at once, solutions based on multiple modules such as FireEye or CrowdStrike can give these organizations the protection they are looking for, especially if the organization invests the time and resources necessary to ensure the product reaches full functionality.

For organizations that are looking for a solution that is quick and easy to implement, with minimal integration or contribution of manpower hours / effort per endpoint, a comprehensive platform like Cynet offers a high-value option, achieving above market-standard levels of protection without the enormous investment of time and money.

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