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HubSpot and Slack Feature Their Latest Chatbot Updates

Based on recent developments by Slack and Hubspot, enterprises have been rushing to try out their latest improvements. Learn more about them in this post.

Chatbots. Everyone knows and loves them. Two of the largest online communication platforms Slack and Hubspot have made recent developments through creating apps and chatbots. Let’s take a closer look at Slack and Hubspot, and how chatbots can transform productivity.

What is Slack?

Slack is a communication tool that allows for team communication on multiple devices. While the app looks simple at first, there are some powerful features that have helped make this one of the fastest growing apps in the world.

Slack isn’t a simple chat room. It’s a communications hub that can simplify the daily work of modern teams. The largest pain point is that Slack addresses the need to go between dozens of notifications and emails to help you stay updated with your business.

Slack has recently acquired Astro Technology Inc, which is a 3-year-old email management small company located in San Francisco. Astro was launched out of its stealth mode during 2017 with an email client that has a virtual assistant, and then ported the automation technology to Slack as a single chatbot offering.

Astrobot is able to help users manage their emails in the chat interface. It has a set of advanced features that lend themselves to more than just replying and viewing messages. A worker can have Astrobot tell them to respond to an important email at a later date, set alerts for messages and archive older items to help keep their inbox organized.

What is Hubspot?

Hubspot has announced the Enterprise Growth bundle which is used to give advanced business teams more flexibility, and better integrations under one Hubspot account.

It was previewed in August 20th, the launch of these products represents is a first time for Hubspot. This is regarded as the most updated enterprise level expansion the company has to date.

All three of the Enterprise Hubs have new features that are built with the needs of dedicated teams in mind, including:

  • A Slack integration to help your teams stay connected, no matter they are.
  • Playbooks allow you to create a library of resources and the right practices for your service teams and sales teams.
  • Goals that help sales and agents to report on SLAs, quotas, and other customer service and sales metrics.

What’s the Future for Chatbots?

Based on recent events, both Hubspot and Slack are making developments to help improve communication within teams. This means that chatbot with Hubspot and Slack integrations are made to help teams that are currently in development.

With these chatbots, we can expect them to help with improving customer service, show company sales, and direct it to your team. And since Slack and Hubspot can be integrated, you can take it with you and help your company further.

We can’t tell what the future holds for chatbots, but recent innovations are any indication it certainly seems headed in the right direction. With chatbot with Hubspot and Slack integrations, we will see an improvement in company operation and functionality.

Are there any questions on how to use Chatbots with Slack and Hubspot? Let me know in the comments below.

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