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10 Useful Chrome Extensions to Use in 2019

According to a survey done in 2018, the Google Chrome browser owns about 60 percent of the total desktop browsing market. That shows the popularity of the Chrome browser. It’s famous not only because it is from Google, but also for its quick performance, user-friendly interface, and convenient connectivity across devices. Moreover, the extensions in Chrome offer some significant benefits and allow you to customize and extend the functionality of the browser.

However, there are an overwhelming number of extensions available for Chrome in different categories like productivity, developer tools, accessibility, blogging, search, news, shopping, etc. So, it may be confusing to choose the right Chrome extension for your particular needs. If you download too many extensions for Chrome, it may slow down the browser performance. So, it’s vital to pick up and download only the most useful extensions.

Here are some recommendations for top Google Chrome Extensions to improve your performance and productivity.

1. Password Checkup

The password is vital for any account access. It should be sophisticated and secure. Whether you log in offline or online, there are chances that it can be cracked by hackers to create a potential threat to your digital security. Also, if you haven’t changed your password in many months, then there are chances that it may end up in the wrong hands.

The ‘Password Checkup’ extension offered by Google will check the security of your passwords on different websites and let you know if it finds them unsafe. This simple extension provides important online privacy and security. It will not access any of your passwords, and all of them will be encrypted before being sent to Google. The warning you get for changing your password will be local to your machine only. Though it is not the first extension of its kind, it is the tool that I personally use and recommend to all.

2. OneTab

OneTab is a handy extension for those who work on multiple tabs daily. It will clear all the clutter without worrying about missing a valuable resource. It works as a funnel where all of the current tabs are stored as one single tab. You can open them as you need or can restore them all at once. You can even manage them like changing the order or deleting unnecessary ones.

In addition, it reduces the memory usage by 95 percent which as a result, makes the browser performance faster. If you are conducting research for something and end up with too many tabs, you may find it hard to switch to the one you need. OneTab can help you by bringing all the references under a single tab and allow you to open the exact link you are looking for.

3. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS is a protocol for websites to encrypt traffic and ensure the security of websites you visit. The HTTPS Everywhere extension will make sure that the site you are visiting is safe as well as your personal digital information stays secure.

This extension will automatically redirect you to the HTTPS version of the particular link. Also, it will protect your private information like user name, password, IP address, and other data which can be pried by third-parties when you browse the Internet.

4. J2TEAM Security

This chrome extension is not a regular firewall. It provides primary protection to the browser and also helps you to manage the site block-list. It also makes you stay away from potentially unsafe websites.

In addition, J2TEAM Security offers a few useful Facebook features like hiding the “seen” tag after reading a conversation and how long you were active on this social media platform.

5. Pocket

I regularly use this extension. The ‘Save to Pocket’ has evolved as one of the best bookmarking platforms across different web browsers. You can save articles, videos, book titles, and many more to view or read later using Pocket.

This Chrome extension automatically synchronizes with your smartphone, tablet or PC to view the saved items, even without an Internet connection. Though it is free to use tool, you can upgrade to the premium plan to enjoy more advanced functionality.

6. LastPass

The ‘LastPass’ extension is my favorite, and I use it all the time when I browse the web. Everyone wants secure, complex, and not to easily accessible passwords for their accounts. But passwords like &ffW,XvL2mj#T]vu are not easy to remember. The ‘LastPass’ browser extension stores your passwords for the various websites you visit.

All the passwords stored in the LastPass vault are encrypted. Once you save the credentials in the LastPass account, you will not need to enter them when you visit the site next time—the web form will be automatically filled. LastPass makes you set a master password to access its services, and you cannot store it on the site. You just install the extension on your Chrome browser and enjoy creating different accounts without worrying about remembering their login details.

7. RSS Feed Reader

The RSS Feed Reader is one of the oldest extensions for web browsers. If you wish to get a daily news feed delivered directly to you, you should use this popular browser tool.

Nobody has time to scour the internet to find the latest news day and night. Using an extension like this helps you to get the latest news from your favorite resources. It also offers some customization options to organize your feed as per your wishes.

8. Browsec VPN

The ‘Browsec’ plugin is a free and unlimited VPN usage tool. It provides a safe and anonymous browsing experience anytime, anywhere.

It encrypts all your data to prevent unauthorized access. You can even open websites that are blocked in your region (However, I don’t advise you to break any laws) by using this extension. The interface is easy to use with no data limits. You can quickly switch between different regions for accessing IPs. This extension is easy to use, but if you want to access all the locations with different IP addresses, then you can opt for the premium plan.

9. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder

This excellent Chrome extension will help you to capture and store images. You can record the screen to share it as a how-to tutorial with other people. You can also capture the entire web page or a selected area of the screen. It also allows you to add comments or annotations, and share them with a single-click upload.

10. StayFocusd

Have you heard of the Pomodoro Technique? It helps you stay focused for a pre-defined period, followed by a quick break. You can set the timer from 1 minute to 60 minutes and remain focused on the task you are doing and avoid distractions like checking your phone, reading emails, etc. This Chrome extension does the same thing while you are working on the web.

‘StayFocusd’ will help boost your productivity by limiting the time that you spend checking random stuff on the internet. It helps to block websites for a specified period of time so that even if your mind wanders toward checking the Facebook feeds and reading emails, you will not be able to access them until the time is over or you manually remove them from the block list. I wasn’t aware of this tool a few months back, but now I can say it has really helped me improve my work efficiency and help me prevent procrastination.

Stay up to date with Chrome extensions

In this modern era of fast-growing technology with fierce competition, it’s crucial for you to remain productive and execute tasks efficiently and effectively. The Chrome extensions listed her will help you save time and work with more focus.

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