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Seven Friends of VPN: Top Applications to Keep Anonymity on the Web

The most popular anonymous browser worldwide has finally released an Android version of Tor. I have collected several apps that will ensure your privacy and safety online. They can protect the anonymity of correspondence, web surfing, banking data from leaks and your smartphone from spying, so your private info will be secured from fraudsters. Let’s start with the main hero.

1. NordVPN

The best choice for VPN services you can currently make on the market in my opinion is NordVPN. It provides 2048-bit encryption, kills switch tool, supports such security protocols as L2TP / IPSec, SSTP, OpenVPN, PPTP, and P2P connection. The new feature NordVPN – is an ad blocker with antivirus.

2. Tor

This browser provides a high level of encryption through servers around the world and makes it difficult to determine your current location and traffic. There is no need to deal with regional restrictions in the network anymore.

3. Orbot

This mobile app ciphers Internet traffic on your gadget. It can also be used as a VPN. The user can choose programs on the phone, the traffic of which they prefer to cipher. This service is absolutely free.

4. Malwarebytes

Protected Internet surfing is the first step and just a part of how you can protect yourself on the web. You can do it using antivirus software. There are a lot of them, but we advise Malwarebytes. It has a free version and performs high quality of work. It operates in two modes: fast scanning and a full scan of the smartphone’s memory.

5. Signal

If you really think about the security of chatting, then Signal is the best offer. It has chats and the ability to send files that are automatically deleted 5 minutes after sending. Despite the fact that its source code is open, it does not make it easier to crack, but rather allows programmers from all over the world to monitor the reliability of encryption methods.

6. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a searching agent that does not collect information about you and generates more diverse and relevant answers to queries without being linked to your previous activity on the Web and advertising.

7. Open street map

Free open maps that do not save your travel history. Service makes routes and shows road traffic intensity.

Finally, you have to remember, that Android applications request access to some data before installation, for example, geolocation, SMS, calls, phone book, camera or hard disk. According to the rules of the operating system, the user has to allow or deny access to this data. If the application will not work without access, for example, to your contacts, you can decide not to install it. All permissions can be viewed in the access settings.

People from all over the world keep track of their online privacy. You should consider, which software deserves your trust. However, the most reliable options are still VPN providers.

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