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Motorola Set to Join IoT Pet Market with Innovative Activa

U.S. telecommunications giant Motorola recently released images and some technical specs of the Motorola Activa, an IoT Device that will help pet owners locate their beloved dogs while also creating a safe zone within the home or garden. The conceptual Activa will be the latest addition to an ever-expanding range of connected products aimed at pets. The stakes have always been high as far as the design and application of IoT solutions are concerned. These stakes, however, were raised significantly when an entirely new market was identified: connected pet care. Considering that approximately 68 percent of American households own a pet, it was only a matter of time until progressive developers exploited what has proven to be a very prolific gap in the market.

Dog safety simplified thanks to IoT

The Activa is a small, robust device that snugly fits on to a dog’s existing collar. It makes use of both GPS and temperature sensors to not only alert owners of the whereabouts of their dogs but also to let them know whether they are feeling excessively hot or cold. The Activa will also help pet owners ensure that their dogs are getting enough exercise by showing where they have been and how much walking/running they have been doing. As a preventative measure, dog owners will be able to set up a geo-fence that will trigger alerts as soon as the dog leaves the designated territory. Smart home devices and wearables such as the Activa boast the necessary technology to keep pets safe and happy in the home and when out and about.

Pings to simplify alert system

The alerts the pet owner receive will revolve around a ping system with 150 pings being allocated every 30 days. One ping will equate to one activity with the latter being classified as a user-specific request or an alert that has been received. A single ping will be deducted off of the user’s balance for every GPS request made with regards to the dog’s location and every alert that is received as a result of the dog breaching a geo-fence.

What about other IoT tech for pets?

While wearables such as the Activa will undoubtedly continue to be very popular, IoT is also aiming to keep pets safe in other ways. Pet facial recognition is a new technology that is helping to reunite lost pets with their owners. Finding Rover, in partnership with the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter, is using smart computer algorithms to identify pets via a database of pet photographs. When a pet is lost owners upload its photo to an app, answer a few basic questions about its appearance and then review photos the system found to be a close resemblance to the photo and info supplied. During testing the app was found to be 98 percent accurate and has reunited more than 15,000 pets with their families since its inception.

Today, more than ever before, dogs are being given the recognition they deserve as valuable members of the family. Thanks to IoT inventions like the Activa, it will also become easier than ever before to care for your furry friend in the way it deserves.

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