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Using Custom Audiences on Facebook to Pinpoint Referral Opportunities

Facebook is one of the most popular and effective marketing channels, and the platform offers a wide range of tools to help your business reach its goals. By advertising on Facebook, you can generate sustainable growth in both sales and engagement.

Facebook Custom Audiences are designed to help you target the right users at the right times, but most businesses don’t fully leverage these opportunities. This article will explain how to use Custom Audiences to target referred users and increase your conversion rate on these leads

Parameters for Facebook Pixel

The Facebook pixel is a complicated and sometimes confusing tool, but it offers a lot of value once you understand how to use it effectively. It’s extremely customizable, so don’t be afraid to experiment with its capabilities and see what works best for your business.

By gathering parameters from each online visit, you can give yourself even more information for Custom Audiences. While there are a number of third-party tools that streamline this process and give you more options, you can still get great results using Facebook’s native features.

Referral Audiences

Your web traffic likely comes from a variety of sources, and users on different channels generally have different brand preferences. With that in mind, you can use Facebook Custom Audiences to isolate each referral group and create content based on their pain points and desires.

To build a Custom Audience for specific types of referrals, create the audience “From Your Events,” then click “Pageview.” Remember that you’ll only be able to use “referrer” as a parameter if you’ve set up your Facebook Pixel to collect that information.

Once you’ve entered the referrer you’d like to target, you can use this Custom Audience just as you would any other. Start integrating this audience into your marketing campaigns and creating unique content based on the relevant customer research.

Facebook Analytics Filters

You can also make filters based on referral parameters through the Facebook Analytics tool. Start by clicking “Add Filter,” then create a filter based on the referral domain parameter.

Once you save the new filter, it will appear as a choice when you create a Custom Audience. This method works for a wide range of other parameters, so take a look at your options and see if there’s anything worth using.

Facebook Custom Audiences allow you to target audiences based on nearly any piece of data including demographics, purchase history, location, and more. Creating a Custom Audience to target referrals from specific websites will give you even more control over your campaigns and help you create more relevant and engaging content.

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