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10 Statistics That Prove Businesses Need Email Marketing

If you’re a digital marketer, you might be wondering whether email remains relevant in this day and age. The rise of new digital platforms like chatbots and social media networks has provided marketers like you a diverse range of options on where to put your marketing dollars in.

However, while brands will definitely benefit from integrating these new channels into their digital marketing plan, the lasting power of email marketing cannot be ignored.

Email marketing may seem like a timeworn dinosaur compared to more exciting applications such as Snapchat or Pinterest but numbers don’t lie. The reality is that email marketing remains to be a tried and tested method to grow your business. Here are ten statistics that illustrate this fact.

1. High ROI of $44 for every $1 spent on email marketing

ROI or Return on Investment is probably one of the most important data that marketers look at when deciding on what to spend on. If a marketing activity does not produce effective and positive results, businesses will not invest time and effort on doing it again. While bigger brands may have the flexibility to test different marketing campaigns, smaller brands do not have this luxury due to a more limited marketing budget.

This means that a business, whether big or small, will benefit more from utilizing proven marketing tactics that deliver a high ROI. According to a Campaign Monitor report, email marketing is one of these methods that produce good returns. According to the findings, brands can gain as much as $44 for every $1 dollar spent on email marketing. This is significantly higher from the previous year, which reported $38 return for every $1 dollar spent.

2. 93% of B2B marketers use email for content distribution

An undeniable proof that email is such an effective marketing tool is that an overwhelming number of marketers use it for their business-to-business content distribution. According to a study by the Content Marketing Institute, 93% of B2B marketers distribute their content using emails.

Many of these businesses use different platforms for email marketing on a regular basis to push out their content. These platforms often offer simple to use and cost-effective solutions for marketers as well as analytics tools so they can track results.

3. 80% of professionals say that email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention

A good way to find out whether email marketing really drives results is to ask the companies themselves. The response? A convincing 80% of professionals said that using email marketing helped them acquire and retain customers. This finding shows that email marketing can certainly help you grow your business.

4. Automated emails get 119% higher click rates than broadcast emails

If you want to save time, effort, and money, automating your business workflow systems including your email marketing strategy will benefit you greatly. Having an automated email campaign means that your business emails will be sent depending on your consumers’ behavior.

Unlike broadcast emails, which are sent to everyone in a subscriber list, automated emails are triggered and sent depending on the recent actions or inaction of the subscribers. This marketing tactic provides a more personalized experience and higher conversion. In fact, according to a study by Epsilon, automated emails get 119% higher click rates than normal broadcast emails.

5. 3.9 billion people use emails in 2019

Many people continue to doubt whether email will stay significant in the coming years because of the rising popularity of other digital channels. However, with the internet and technology use growing in developing countries, it is expected that the number of email users will also continue to rise.

An email statistics report by Radicati stated that in 2019, 3.9 billion people use emails, which is over half of the world’s population. This number surpassed the firm’s earlier forecast that 3 billion people will use email by 2020. The new 2019-2023 report also released a forecast that by the year 2023, more than 4.3 billion people will use emails.

6. 99% of consumers check their emails every day

While it has been established that billions of people around the world use emails, the question remains on whether consumers who are the target market of B2C (business-to-consumer) brands actually take the time to check their emails.

This is something businesses should actually not worry about because according to a consumer email tracker report, 99% of consumers check their personal emails every day.

7. 90% choose to receive company updates via email

The use of social media when it comes to digital marketing has grown dramatically, however, what many marketers do not realize is that findings show that online users prefer email communication.

According to a research from the Nielsen Norman Group, 90% of respondents chose to receive updates from companies via email, with only 10% saying that they would prefer to do so via Facebook.

8. 70% of email readers open company emails in search of a deal

There is a misconception that when a company sends an email promotion, this will just go to the spam folder, unread and ignored. However, according to a finding from The Social Habit, at least 70% of people who open emails coming from businesses and brands actually do so to seek out discounts, deals, and coupons.

9. Email marketing is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Twitter or Facebook

The finding that consumers prefer to receive company updates via email is potentially one of the reasons why email marketing has been found to be more effective in new customer acquisition than social media.

According to a report, using email marketing is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers compared to Twitter or Facebook. So, think twice before scrapping your email marketing budget in favor of an exclusive social media campaign.

10. 50% of consumers buy from marketing emails at least once a month

A study from Sales Cycle revealed that 50% of consumers buy from marketing emails at least once a month. The same study showed that marketing emails influence the purchasing decision of at least 59% of consumers. These findings prove that promoting through an email is still an effective marketing tool.

Maximizing email marketing to grow your business

Email marketing remains as one of the proven methods to promote and grow your brand. Utilizing best practices and creative solutions can help you maximize your email marketing strategy and get the results you want.

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