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How Can Your Blog Content Build Quality Backlinks

If you operate one of the millions of blogs on the internet, one of your biggest goals is to grow your reader base. A great way to get more readers is to get quality backlinks. A backlink is essentially when another website provides a link in their content that goes back to your site or content.

Some of these come organically, and others will come from a partnership or agreement with another site. They can help you reach a whole new market and gain some additional credibility. However, websites and bloggers (especially those with a lot of authority in an industry), don’t always give these away easily.

Thankfully, there are some great ways to build up some quality backlinks for your blog, and this article is going to look at a few of them.

Get Your Blog in Order

Before you can think about getting high-quality backlinks, you need to get your blog in order. This means ensuring the quality is there, the site looks good and your blogs provide value and are formatted correctly. If your blogs have errors, look bad or aren’t organized well, the chances of getting backlinks is slim to none.

Take your time to edit blogs, make sure that every post provides value in some way. Also, ensure you use photos and subheading throughout to make it an easier read. If you need some assistance with getting your blog off the ground, consider using a great online resource or guide, like the one from Today with Jay.

Once your content and blog look great and provide value, you can begin to worry about getting more backlinks. The quality of your content should always come first as a blogger.

Share on Social Media

website blog marketing promotion backlinks
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Another great way to build up some backlinks is to use social media. Billions of people use social media, and getting shares is an awesome way to establish credibility. If a website is looking to add some backlinks to their content, they are more likely to link something that appears credible and high-quality.

Also, if you approach bloggers to provide you with backlinks, they will feel comfortable including one that people have already seen and enjoyed. Many bloggers may also utilize social media to research external links to support their blog posts. So, if your blog gets a lot of attention and shares, there is a good chance these bloggers might see it and use it.

Look for Broken Links and Old Resources

website blog marketing promotion backlinks
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This is one of the most forward ways to go about getting backlinks to your blog content, but it can be very effective. If you find a broken link on a web site, or a link that offers outdated information, consider reaching out to the site. After pointing out the broken link, you could make a suggestion that they replace it with a high-quality link from your site.

This often works because not only is your link better than one that doesn’t work anymore, but you also did them a favor, which could leave you in their good graces. Sure, this method can take a bit of research, but the results can be worth it. Also, there are online tools that can help you identify broken links on a page.

Of course, make sure you already have content prepared ahead of time, and be ready to send it over if they want to learn more. The content should also be very relevant to their content, for the best chance of success.

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