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Top Apps to Boost Swimming Performance

Swimming is both a popular professional sport and relaxing pastime in the USA with approximately 15% of adults and 36% of children swimming at least 6 times per year. If you are serious about swimming, tracking your progress is one of the simplest ways to remain motivated. While swimmers from yesteryears would have had to rely on pen and paper to note down their advancements in the water, we can now utilize technology to do the tracking for us. In recent years, an increasing number of apps aimed at swimmers have been created to not only help them track their progress but improve their skills as well. Here is a closer look at three apps that both beginner and professional swimmers can benefit significantly from.

MySwimPro suits both novices and pros

MySwimPro is one of the most popular swimming apps available and with very good reason. The app, which is available for both Android and iOS devices, is suited to both individuals still learning how to swim as well as professional athletes. The app sports a very user-friendly interface and contains hundreds of workouts that include land exercises and exercises that help build water confidence, Although no one is born a great swimmer but by pushing yourself daily and not losing sight of the basics you can gain confidence and develop your skills. Users can easily set goals for themselves based on their performance data and track their progress accordingly. The app can be utilized by pool as well as open water swimmers and does not require the use of a smartwatch. The MySwimPro can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store free of charge although additional in-app purchases are available.

SwimIn is linked to a leading global brand

If you are looking for a swimming app linked to one of the world’s most popular brands, SwimIn might be the perfect app for you. Linked to the leading Arena brand, the easy-to-use app allows swimmers to follow their own personalized training plans, set goals, and track their progress. The app will appeal to a range of swimmers including those looking to improve their fitness levels, perfect their swimming strokes, or better their times. After installing the app on your smartphone or tablet you can start browsing for workouts according to the goals you want to achieve and your swimming levels. You will also become part of the greater Arena community here you will meet many other swimmers just like yourself looking to improve their form in the pool.

Transform your swimming experience with Meet Mobile

Meet Mobile is a revolutionary app aimed at swimmers, coaches, fans, and swimming meet hosts. The app, which is available from Google Play and the App Store, features meet programs from across the globe as well as psych and heat sheets and real-time results. Swimming fans can look forward to tracking their favorite swimmers, view records, and keep up to date with swimmer and relay-team rankings. In addition to all of this, swimmers can benefit from having access to the simmer’s list of entries, results, and points scored. If you are a swimming coach, the Meet Mobile app will enable you to view all estimated timelines by event and individual swimmer as well as view the cumulative and subtracted splits of each swimmer.

Technology has made it a lot easier to improve our swimming skills. Not only can we now track our progress with a handy app, but perfect our strokes and set goals for ourselves as well.

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