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5 Latest Smart Home Entertainment Devices

The global smart home market has reached over $50 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, with most of these devices coming from North American homes. Home automation has been around for decades, but it’s only recently that they’ve made an impact on our daily lives and how we entertain ourselves. 57% of Americans claim they use smart products in their home, and it saves them more than 30 minutes a day. These new devices don’t just make our lives easier, but they’re also a lot of fun to use.

LG Electronics Curved Smart Television

Televisions are just one of those old inventions that keep reinventing the wheel by adding new bells and whistles. Smart TVs are so advanced that you can pick a movie by speaking or touching the screen. Many of these televisions let you put phone apps on display to play with them hands-free. For example, Casumo casino has live dealers that offer a camera function to speak to your friends while playing cards – similar to a brick and mortar establishment. The LG Electronics Curved Smart TV can run favorites like Netflix, Hulu, and other movie streaming platforms without the need for extra wires from a Blu Ray or games system clogging up the back.

EyeSight Technologies Singlecue Gesture Control

The EyeSight Gesture Control is as futuristic as a device from the StarTrek universe. Similar to how the VR lets you use your body, eyes, and hand motions to play video games, the EyeSight device also reacts to minuscule movements from the body. Instead of just controlling one device, the EyeSight is a universal controller that works for all of your media devices. Its camera device that watches your gestures and movements to select an item, and you can adjust multiple things like volume, bring up a new app, or change the channel all with a wave of a hand. You can even dim your lights with it!

Neato Botvac Connected Robot Vacuum

Did you know that the first robot vacuum cleaner was created in 1996? It was too expensive for more regular consumers, but it functioned similarly to our modern equivalent. Now, robot vacuum cleaners are in the price range of modern Americans, making it a great, moderately priced present for those with a lot of carpets. These vacuums will save you a lot of time each week, especially if you have pets or children. With the Neato Botvac, you can schedule when it will start and finish, all with a touch of a button. Although this may seem like an odd choice for “entertainment,” they are neat to watch – especially if you have two and want to battle them against each other!

Amazon Echo

The most well-known smart device on the list, the Amazon Echo is less expensive than it used to be and makes life a million times easier for the average American. For under $100, you have a tool that can play music, create a grocery list, lookup interesting facts on Google, and then some. With interchangeable shells and different colors to choose from, you don’t need to keep the same look for your device. The microphone is even better than before, and it can connect to any other smart device in your home.

Roomie Remote

Although this isn’t a physical device, this app is helpful. Once you start using the Roomie Remote, you won’t need anything else to control your home, including your television or security camera. It uses your wifi connection to connect to your home theater, thermostats, lights, and anything with a Bluetooth connection. It’s perfect to use with your mobile device and is accessible on macOS or PC. With this technology, you can turn the lights on and off and potentially freak out unsuspecting friends or family members while they wonder why the bulbs are flickering by themselves!

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