Microsoft Mesh mixed reality

A Look at Microsoft Mesh

How Microsoft has shown it has a firm handle on the need for cross-compatibility

With an increasing number of people now working and engaging in entertainment from home, the need for ways to replicate shared experiences has grown. This is where Microsoft Mesh comes in. The technology is seen as ‘mixed reality’ and allows users to create and engage with the same content even if they’re in different parts of the world. Users can engage and access Mesh on a variety of platforms which shows that Microsoft has considered the need for cross-compatibility.

With the push for share experiences with mixed realities, it will be interesting to see how developers of games and apps take advantage of the new technology.

Taking advantage of new technology

One of the classic games that are prime to take advantage of the new technology is bingo. The sheer number of online games and mobile phone apps shows how bingo has embraced new ways of playing. Traditionally, one of the biggest elements of playing bingo in a hall has always been the community element. People see it as a night out with friends and family, it’s a social experience as much as a game.

Today, online bingo in many ways has already embraced the principles that Microsoft Mesh is aiming for it. You can play bingo on any device, whether it’s mobile, tablet, or PC, and you are no longer limited by location. It doesn’t matter how you access it, you can still play the same game that others are playing.

Sue Dawson, from BNBS states that “The online bingo industry has already had to innovate to enable players to access the full bingo experience, complete with community chat, on mobile devices. A few years ago this seemed impossible, but now, as many as 80% of players are using their phones to play. Mixed reality sounds like a really good way to bring even more of the community feel of a bingo hall to online bingo.”

A look at other communities which have utilized new technologies

Bingo isn’t the only game that is embracing new technology and helping its users have a new experience. Developers have started to look towards casino games such as poker and blackjack in an attempt to re-create the experience of playing games in a casino amongst a crowd of people.

Video games and gamers themselves have truly embraced the advancements in technology over the last 20 years to create new experiences. In years gone by, LAN parties were the way to go and helped gamers create communities by playing their favorite games together. Once gamers started to access services such as Xbox Live, these gaming communities moved online, and the bonus of voice chat meant that fellow gamers are still staying social and talking.

Could Microsoft Mesh be the next step on this journey for gamers? The Xbox Series X, Microsoft’s latest console, does not support VR but rumors persist that they are looking into it.

Are people embracing the new technology?

The wider question to ask now is how people are embracing technologies such as Virtual Reality and whether it is ultimately a worthwhile investment to design and develop games for? Research suggests that the general population is starting to use this forming technology and there has been a huge increase in recent years. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Microsoft and consumers across the world.

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