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6 Ways Machine Learning Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

Machine learning algorithms are assisting companies in improving and advancing many different aspects of their internal and external technological tools. One of the most common areas where machine learning is particularly useful is in customer service. Here are six ways machine learning can improve customer satisfaction.

1. Improving Efficiency and Speed

These algorithms can more easily coordinate and handle workloads related to tools as varied as neural network chips, keyword searching algorithms, and data analytics programs. In general, machine learning can be leveraged to improve the efficiency and speed of these tools and all types of other processes and programs. With these algorithms, you’re more likely to be able to quickly figure out what customers need and want and then direct them where they want to go.

2. Creating Better Personalization and Customization

The ability of machine learning algorithms to learn as they work allows them to more accurately and effectively pinpoint the needs of each customer and provide the necessary personalization and customization options. The algorithm can learn about each customer using your website and utilize the information it gleans to ensure the customer gets the experience or service that will most effectively benefit him or her. To take it a step further, as the algorithm learns more about customers and how to do its job efficiently, it may be capable of determining specific products that the customer is most likely to be interested in buying or using. It can effectively match users with the right products for them and their needs.

3. Identifying Fraud More Effectively

Not only can these algorithms improve your customers’ general experiences with your brand and with specific areas of your company, such as your website or your customer service department, but they can also help improve the customer experience in ways that are less immediately obvious. One such way is in improving your ability to identify fraud. These algorithms are capable of scanning and reviewing exponentially more transactions faster and more accurately than human beings can. Over time, your machine learning algorithm can learn to better identify signs of potential or definite fraud or identity theft.

4. Improving Data Analytics

One of the key uses of machine learning algorithms so far has been to perfect data collection, analytics and the generation of insights and predictions based on that data. You can use a machine learning algorithm to collect more cohesive data sets based on things your customers provide through data input, clicks or navigation around your website. The algorithm can then develop more complete insights and predictions based on that data in order to determine the best future marketing campaigns or customer service innovations and to identify valuable potential customers.

5. Enabling Continuous Improvement

Another less obvious benefit of machine learning algorithms for your customers’ experiences is the enablement of continuous improvement these algorithms can provide. You can use the data collected by your algorithms to determine where your customer service is lacking and what you need to invest or do in order to make improvements. Powerful machine learning algorithms may even be capable of making certain kinds of adjustments and improvements automatically as they learn more about your customer service practices and your customers’ experiences with those practices and tools.

6. Understanding Customer Intent

A powerful machine learning algorithm can even learn how to understand a customer’s intent when he or she interacts with your company on your website, via a phone call to your customer service department or over your social media. They can do so by gathering past user data related to the customer or by gathering information about the customer’s location regarding his or her situation or the product causing an issue. This is a common usage by energy companies, for example, when customers experience power outages.

Machine learning can help you improve your customer satisfaction results in various ways. These algorithms can provide you with the means to gather more data, interpret that data better, provide more personalization and continuously improve your offerings.

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