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Julie Smith Chats about Identity Management Day

TechSpective Podcast Episode 088

What have you got going on next Tuesday? Identity Management Day is coming up on April 12.

Identity Management Day is a one-day virtual conference that brings together security leaders, vendors, and advocates to raise awareness, share best practices, and inspire individuals —and organizations of all sizes—to take action when it comes to effectively managing and securing digital identities. You will be able to visit with exhibitors in the virtual expo starting at 10am Eastern. The sessions will start at 11am Eastern with awards announcements and a keynote panel. 

“The biggest problem with identity management today is how horrifically it has been mismanaged and allowed to repeatedly fail and collapse under its own weight,\” declared Tom Jermoluk, CEO and Co-Founder of Beyond Identity, in a comment on the importance of Identity Management Day. \”For businesses, it’s a \’last-mile\’ problem that ultimately provides bad guys with a \’first-mile\’ on-ramp. While mechanisms to ensure trust between businesses have grown stronger, we’ve added only complexity, burden, and blame on end-users. By persisting with decrepit user identity foundations – which enable everything from account takeover to ransomware – we as an industry are becoming dangerously close to complicit in cybercrime.”

Julie Smith, Executive Director of the Identity Defined Security Alliance, is my guest for this episode of the TechSpective Podcast. Julie is responsible for executing the mission on behalf of IDSA members and serving the identity and security community. Throughout her career, she has held various leadership roles in technology and solutions companies, including product management, product and solutions marketing, and business development. Prior to joining the IDSA, Julie spent 14 years in the identity and security industry with leading vendors and solution providers–so she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience on the topic.

Check out the IDSA website for tons of resources and best practices to help improve your identity security. You can also register to attend Identity Management Day.

Check out the full episode for more insights on the role identity often plays in successful cyberattacks, and why identity security is crucial for effective cybersecurity. We also digress to talk about why May looks like a great month to consider actually going to see a movie in an actual theater.

The podcast itself is audio-only, but the video of our conversation is also available on YouTube if you prefer:

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