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Three Popular Ways to Play Roulette

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games and it remains popular because of its simple yet versatile betting options. Hundreds of strategies were made for this game and some of which are great for beginners. Here are the top three of those methods you can use in your gaming session—whether in a physical casino or gaming online—to get consistent wins and learn how to play luck-based games with a plan.

Labouchere method

The Labouchere method is one of the most complex strategies but it’s popular because it’s effective. It comes with several steps, the first is to determine a target profit. The objective is to reach a profit this high by the end of your session. Divide that target profit into 7 or 10 distributed evenly or asymmetrically in a sequence then write them on a piece of paper.

A segment can be 0. Start playing roulette with the first bet being the sum of the first and last segment. Cross out both if you win or add the sum at the end of the sequence as an additional segment if you lose then repeat and proceed with the next bet. Repeat until all segments are crossed out. This betting strategy is best for high-roller tables so check the latest blog posts on new online roulette or bonuses to boost your bankroll.

Martingale method

Martingale is the simplest betting strategy you can find but it can escalate quickly in a single session. It has a straightforward rule and that is to double your bet next round every time you lose then reset it back to your original stake after winning.

No matter how much you lose in roulette, you will win eventually and it will recover all losses in one turn. The only downside is the maximum betting limit in online roulette, making this method more ideal for a high roller table instead of a casual one.

There is a Reverse Martingale strategy, too. For this method, you double down after every win instead of a loss then reset after losing. It’s great for when you have a winning streak.

Multiple corner bets

Outside bets are popular for most strategies because they have high chances of winning but you can emulate those odds using inside bets, too. Place four corner bets and you cover the same odds as 1:1 bets albeit with a slightly higher payout. Every corner bet pays 8:1 and placing 1 Tether (USDT) on four means you stake 4 USDT with 9 USDT payout. It pays 1 USDT more than if you paid 4 USDT on a 1:1 bet like colours, high/low, or odd/even.

There are more strategies to try out there and the best online casinos like Bitcasino will give you tips from time to time. Always check the latest blog posts on roulette and bonuses for more gambling insights. You can also make your own strategy, but you need experience and understanding of the game to pull it off. Feel free to take inspiration from existing ideas to have the best gambling session all the time.

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