Author: Steven Mehler

Steven Mehler is a tech expert, respected futurist, and writer with a passion for communicating new ideas. At home both at his writing desk or in front of some of the world’s latest online tech, Steven is a firm believer that the technology of today will build the world of tomorrow. When not writing and exploring new tech he can be found cooking with his family and relaxing at the beach.

Artificial intelligence—or AI—may once have seemed like a pipe dream or an inspired piece of science fiction, but today it’s very much the here and now. Over time we will see it become more and more ubiquitous and powerful as it’s put to use to help content marketers drive more business. Here’s a few ways in which we can expect to see AI pushing things forward in the near future. Atomization of Existing Content: Smart Repurposing This is something that’s already in motion with businesses like Alibaba using it with promising results. What you need to be aware of is…

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