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How AI Can Help Content Marketing Drive Business

Artificial intelligence—or AI—may once have seemed like a pipe dream or an inspired piece of science fiction, but today it’s very much the here and now. Over time we will see it become more and more ubiquitous and powerful as it’s put to use to help content marketers drive more business.

Here’s a few ways in which we can expect to see AI pushing things forward in the near future.

Atomization of Existing Content: Smart Repurposing

This is something that’s already in motion with businesses like Alibaba using it with promising results. What you need to be aware of is that atomization of longer form content into multiple shorter forms doesn’t just keep things fresh. It also allows you to save money.

This second point is vital to the long term success of AI in the world of content marketing. With every dollar already allocated, there’s no better way to launch a disruptive new approach than by showing that it’s good at saving money.

Not only that, but because it removes the chances of human error you won’t have to wait for rewrites or revisions. In principle AI will learn what you like and get better at delivering it much faster than a human writer can. Content marketing strategies come in all shapes and sizes but AI is set to transform them all in the near future. In fact, it’s already making more headway than you might have perhaps realized…

Instant Rewrites Without Any Repetition

This point kind of follows on from the first one, but it’s where AI really starts to come into its own. If you want a piece of content rewritten in 3 different ways, then you could pay a human to do it and receive the new copy in a reasonable timeframe.

What about if you wanted it rewritten 3000 times? Clearly you would either have to wait years or employ a team of writers. The first is an obvious no go, and the second is fraught with difficulties. Other writers could easily produce extremely similar content as they wouldn’t have the time or the inclination to read everything everyone else has produced.

AI on the other hand will not only be able to write faster, it will also be able to keep track of every single word it has written. Ideal if you want to produce a scalable content marketing campaign with minimal outlay on resources.

AI-Driven A/B Testing to Optimize Content

AI moves into higher gear when you consider the process of optimizing your content. We all know that it’s all well and good creating something you think your customers and followers will love. But that it’s always best to see how they react to your first offering before amassing a database of content.

A smart AI will be able to take care of the time-consuming process that is A/B testing for you by working within the constraints of some predetermined parameters. In principle you could pass on the minimum number of engagements and shares you’re looking to get, and your AI will keep adjusting your content until it achieves the desired results.

Whether you run a top writers blog or even an accounting firm, content marketing is crucial to growing your business. In the age where everyone is online you need to provide your users and customers with content that they actually want to see. Only then can you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.

The Holy Grail: Personalized Content in Realtime

Every content marketer dreams of being able to take the personal touch of the sales person, and take it to the masses online.

Work is in progress to create AI systems that are able to personalize content in real-time so that every individual user sees something unique. Clearly no matter how big your marketing budget is, if your following grows beyond a certain point it will be too difficult to do this manually.

By having an AI that combs through past interactions and analyzes the other people any given customer follows online you could in principle personally target your entire following. This would not only allow you to grow your business, but it would be a great equalizer. If every business had access to these tools, then those with the best offering would no longer be overshadowed by businesses with larger followings or budgets.

Final Thoughts

The future of AI looks bright, so why not get onboard early and use it to help grow your business? There are certainly exciting times ahead, so watch this space to see how many of my predictions come to fruition.

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