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3 Outdoor Hobby Toys for Techie Adults

We live in the best possible technological era when new developments are announced every day, and the world is moving with huge steps towards AI (artificial intelligence). But, until we get there, the actual technology seems designed to keep us still – phones, tablets, gaming consoles – all are created to keep us inside.

Specialists warn everyone that too much screen time takes its toll on our health and the main recommendation is to go see the outdoors in our free time. Still, it may prove difficult to leave your phone at home if you’re not busy with something else.

That’s why today I will give you three options of hobby toys that get you outside and even help you move around! These may be toys by name, but they are designed for adults and used with technology so the features they pack are quite impressive.

1. DJI Mavic Pro

DJI Mavic Pro

It may be a bit expensive, but the Mavic Pro from DJI is a technological wonder! First, the design is adaptable to travel size (it folds down to the size of a bottle of water), and it is durable enough to resist mild crashes.

Second, it comes with some pretty fantastic features, even for an advanced drone:

  • The transmission range is about 7km long (4.3 miles) due to the OcuSync transmission system
  • The drone can fly at speeds up to 64kmh (40mph)
  • You get about 27 minutes of flight time (quite impressive in the world of drones).

The 4K, fully-stabilized camera is also an element worth mentioning, and the software functions that allow the drone to follow you around and do all sorts of cool things while in the air are a wonderful addition to the package.

I also like that DJI included some safety features such as Obstacle Avoidance (you wouldn’t want your drone flying in a tall tree) and GPS and GLONASS vision positioning for accurate tracking regardless where you are.

2. Traxxas 36076-3 1/10 Stampede VXL RTR

Traxxas RC Truck

If you’re not into drones, maybe a huge RC truck will do the trick. The Stampede from Traxxas is a 1/10 scale truck and, according to the RC Rank website, it is one of the best on the market.

It is a lot of fun to drive due to the high-speed electronic components that control wheel spin and steering. It is also equipped with the Traxxas Stability Management system which is a lot of fun for someone passionate about electronics.

Other great features include oil-filled shocks, VXL-3s Electronic Speed Control, and the Velineon 3500 brushless motor. If you’re familiar with the terms, you know these are the latest technologies in the field.

3. GoolRC Walkera V450D03 Helicopter

GoolRC Helicopter

A helicopter requires different skills in comparison to a drone so make sure you understand how the system works.

The Walkera RC Helicopter implements a flybarless structure, a brushless motor, and about 8 minutes of flight time. It doesn’t have a camera, but it is a fantastic toy for those of you who have a passion for aeronautics. And it can perform aerobatics!

In the end, I hope at least one of these toys will convince you to give up on your screens and go outside and play! As you can see, they all come with advanced features, and the prices are quite acceptable for an adult.

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