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  1. I know a app, a app
    that app could not compare with other app
    that is GOOGLE app


  2. How do I get back to the gmail as it was before??? The new one is hopeless. This is probably not the right place to give my complain, but I need to know how to get the old one. Can someone help me??

  3. Gordon Daunt-Jones on

    I don’t know what you clowns have done to my email account but I cannot access it any more. Please remedy.

  4. I have retired , but my business phone # has been unindated with non stop robo calls .
    Please stop all contact it’s become rude and intrusive
    How many times do you have to call from fake phone# Jesus

    • Um. I have ZERO clue what you’re talking about. This website does not call anyone–robocall or otherwise. I’m sorry you get a lot of robocalls. Welcome to the party. It’s part of owning a phone these days. I probably get 10+ a day that I ignore and blocking the number(s) has no effect whatsoever.