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Providing Value and Growing Your Audience with Custom Content

Copywriting—or content creation—is one of the most popular freelance career choices these days for a variety of reasons. The goal of such writing is to create promotional materials that will attract ideal prospects, which every business needs so demand for such services is only going upward.

You can notice this by looking at any website for a minute. The internet nowadays is filled with custom content created by freelance copywriters, aimed directly at driving marketing efforts. Still, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation about copywriting on a global level.

The Truth about Freelance Copywriting

Let’s clear it up by discussing the truth about freelance content creation.

1. Copywriting is here to stay

‘’Seeing how popular it has become, we can say without second thoughts – copywriting is not going away any time soon.’’ – states Quentin Peers, copywriter for Essay Writing Land.

This cannot be truer. While social media is undoubtedly one of the fiercest marketing platforms of today, marketers cannot base their strategies entirely on social media posts. Focusing on just one thing is the greatest mistake you can make in today’s world, since when it comes to technology – the sky is your limit.

One great addition to any marketing strategy is to inspire the audience by using copywriting and crafting custom content. Ideally, this should help the marketer convince prospects to take some action like subscribing to an email list, as well as allow them to reach out with new information and deals. It’s also important for most businesses to have loyal, repeat visitors to their website—and crafting interesting custom content that provides value for readers is one of the best marketing strategies.

2. Copywriting lets you connect to others

In years past, people were only interested in what a company had to say when a new product or service was introduced. The web and social media have changed things. People want to build relationships and feel some connection with the companies they do business with. A person who wants to attract more clients definitely needs to build relationships, which cannot be done without quality content creation.

Whether it is website content or a quality email strategy, copywriting is still the best way to connect to others. Content was and remains a king, which makes this career path one of the top trends in business and marketing online.

3. Copywriting gives people what they want

That’s why the internet is filled with content – to make people happy and convince them to take action. Whether it is to inform them, entertain them, or sell them a product or service, compelling content creation is the way to go.

Copywriting is in such high demand because of its versatility and use in giving people what they want. Whether it is website content, webinars, or e-books, almost all selling online goes through copywriting.

4. Copywriting changes daily

At this point, copywriting has been through many big changes. Starting from print, TV and radio advertisement in the 20th century, to digital marketing that rose in the early 2000s – copywriting is constantly changing. Nowadays, companies and agencies spend over 30 percent of the budget on digital marketing, a rate that is only expected to go upward. Naturally, copywriting will be in higher demand as a result of it, which means that more changes are about to come.

In other words, copywriting is much different now than it was in the past. Firstly, it is now based on the target audience and focused on niche marketing. Secondly, the people who do copywriting have to be experts in order to create industry-specific, relevant, and valuable content that will actually work. And finally, the biggest shift arises with the introduction of SEO, which is now an essential element in copywriting.

What Lies Ahead?

We’ve established the importance and value of content creation, but we also need to look at how content demand will evolve in the future. Staying ahead of the curve is essential in this technology-driven world, especially for those who decided to pursue the career of a copywriter or use its magic to promote their business.

Thanks to social networks, search engine optimization, and mobile use, marketing has been fully revolutionized. This means that copywriters are needed more than ever, but in the capacity of experts who are nimble and savvy in embracing the future changes.

Now, let’s take a quick look at the anticipated ways technology will change the world of content creation.

No Room for Bad Writing and Mistakes

Looking ahead to the future of content creation—or even the present, really—there is no room for poor writing or grammar and spelling mistakes. Those things were never “acceptable” per se, but it was easier to forgive mistakes in the early days of the internet. However, with software getting more advanced and sophisticated in terms of detecting errors, online copy that contains mistakes and is poorly written is very unlikely to ever be accepted again. Whether you use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or some other writing software, spell checking, and basic grammar checking are fairly universal, so there’s no excuse to make those mistakes anymore.

You can also find a variety of online editing services on the web, as well as tools and sites for detecting such errors.

More Formulas and Algorithms

Technology makes it much easier to test online copy, and not only in terms of mistakes or quality. As you probably know already, many tools nowadays tell us what is more appealing and relevant to the audience, and keywords are an important focus for strong SEO in content creation.

Right now, you can write your fair share of content and use all kinds of tools to make sure it fits the highest possible standards: test for accuracy, test for SEO, as well as use tools to guide you throughout the entire writing process with the help of algorithms and formulas.

Reused Old Content

You don’t always have to start from scratch and reinvent the proverbial wheel. Refreshing the old content is equally important as making new content. SEO practices often promote reused old content, which means that soon enough, copywriters will start grasping this idea in order to attract the target audience.

Copywriters aren’t just asked to write new copy. As time passes, more and more website owners and marketers choose to revamp the old content and optimize it with the current keywords in the industry. Updating and optimizing existing content can be an entire freelance content career of its own. This strategy is called repurposing and it will continue to grow for some time.


These are just a couple of ways how freelance content creation will change in the future. Based on the current state of copywriting, the future of this career looks very, very bright. One thing is sure to happen—demand for compelling content creation will continue to increase. In the world of online marketing, copywriting will only enjoy higher and higher demand.

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