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Why You Shouldn’t Go DIY With Home Security

With the proliferation of smart products on the market today, many homeowners are questioning the need for traditional security systems. After all, when you can see who is at the door using your smartphone — even when you’re on the other side of the world — who needs to pay for professional monitoring? And even if you want a more advanced security system, you can buy one that you can easily install yourself, without paying a technician to come do it for you.

home security system DIY securityIt seems like technology has traditional home security systems going the way of the dinosaurs, but not so fast. While smart technology certainly does have some advantages and can offer a certain level of protection to your property, security experts caution homeowners against taking a DIY approach to home protection. To keep your home and family as secure as possible, they argue, you should still hire home security services, especially in higher-crime areas like Washington, D.C. to install and maintain your home alarm and monitoring systems.

The Problems With DIY

There is no doubt that a DIY security system is affordable, easy and convenient. However, these systems aren’t as advanced as traditional security systems, and taking the DIY approach has a few key drawbacks.

No Security Consultation. One of the benefits of using a professional security service is the consultation you receive before the system is installed. While you might think that you understand all the risks to your home, you might not have knowledge of every vulnerability and therefore choose a security system that doesn’t offer complete protection. Not to mention, DIY security systems and products are generally one-size-fits-all, so it’s not tailored to your home. A professional security service, on the other hand, is trained in identifying common vulnerabilities and will design a unique system that provides the best protection for your home and family. In addition, a professional installer will provide training in how to use the security system properly, ensuring that you are getting the most from it and not leaving any areas open to criminals.

No Guarantees. If you install a DIY security system, and someone still breaks in to your home, you are probably out of luck when it comes to getting restitution from the security company. Most consumer security products make it very clear that the manufacturer is not responsible for the failure of the system; only if you install the system 100 percent correctly and lay out the devices in the most effective manner (and you can prove it to the company) will you have any type of recourse. Professional security services, on the other hand, typically come with a guarantee that the will work as they should, and if they don’t, the homeowner is entitled to restitution.

You Are the Monitor. Most DIY security systems have a mobile app that allows you to check on your home from anywhere. However, they don’t always alert you to everything happening, and you have to check on your home yourself. In addition, when something does happen, and your system alerts you to a potential issue, you are responsible for deciding what to do next and have to call the police or fire department yourself.

A professionally installed security system takes that burden off your shoulders. For starters, it’s automatically connected to police and fire, so if there is an issue, they can be called immediately, saving time and possibly your home. In addition, most offer 24/7 monitoring and send alerts when an issue is detected, so nothing slips through the cracks. Not to mention, if you get a false alarm with a DIY system, you’re on your own to fix it. Pro security providers can take care of false alarms and answer tech support questions for you.

There’s no question that DIY security systems have some benefit, and they are better than nothing when it comes to protecting your home and property. And in some cases, consumer DIY products can add an extra layer of protection when combined with a professional home security system. If you are looking for the most security, though, and want to be sure that your home is safe, work with a professional security company to install, monitor and maintain your home security system and protect your peace of mind and your property.

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  1. I liked your comment that professional security systems are automatically connected to police and fire services. My parents have been thinking about getting a security system but aren’t sure that they actually need it. This could definitely assuage some of their fears when they go out of town though, so I’ll recommend they look into it.

  2. My wife and I have been researching home security systems, but we don’t know what to go with because of all of the options. I’m glad you mentioned that it is important to consult with professionals so that they can install a program that is tailored to your home. When it comes to home security, hiring a professional is probably the best thing to do.

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