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How Virtual and Augmented Reality Could Shape the Gambling Industry

Casinos have always been quick to adopt new technology to aim to stay ahead of the competition by providing users with the best gambling experience. However, the changes that have already been experienced through technology may be just a preview of the impact spatial computing could have on the future of gambling.

Online gambling in itself has seen massive changes since 1998 when the first-ever internet poker room was launched. Today, there are live casino rooms with real dealers that give you a realistic casino experience; you can check out and compare the best of these at

However, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are about to revolutionize the online gambling experience. So what does the future of online gambling look like?

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Technology

Simply put, Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that provides users with a completely immersive experience that shuts out the outside world and then puts them into real-world or imagined environments. Think of Oculus Rift or even the Google Cardboard.

Augmented Reality (AR), on the other hand, provides an interactive experience in a real-world environment by adding layers of digital information onto it. This is the technology used on Snapchat lenses and the game Pokemon Go. For immersion in a digital environment, these technologies use VR headsets equipped with sensor gloves and a screen.

When VR and AR come together, they create Mixed Reality (MR), a technology that is just starting to take off with projects like Microsoft’s HoloLens.

The Use of Augmented and Virtual Reality in Casinos

casino gambling virtual reality augmented
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With some casinos are already providing virtual reality rooms, the next milestone for the gaming industry will be to integrate virtual reality and augmented reality online.

Virtual Reality in Casinos

Virtual reality has already taken off in the industry, and it imposes players in a virtual environment. Players are then able to play in a 3D environment with the ability to compete against each other, just like in real-life casinos. The technology can transport players and their friends to exciting locations or famous casinos in Las Vegas for a whole new gambling experience. They can visit a casino, play blackjack, poker, roulette, and slot machines, and even communicate with each other. With time, this experience will be brought online to enable players to compete from the comfort of their homes.

Augmented Reality in Casinos

As Virtual Reality is gaining ground, Augmented Reality is already in development to take virtual gambling to the next level. The technology will make it possible to superimpose real-world objects into the digital environment.

Such will enable players to see others, and it will enhance the environment with detailed visualization, realistic sound accompaniment, and even provide tactile sensations to allow players to interact with objects in the virtual world. Players will see a dealer come in, and they can shake hands, hold and look at cards and chops, press slot machine buttons, and even order drinks!

This technology will also provide players with a 360° environment, and so they can freely look at what is going on in other tables, and even decide whether to join in. When such is accomplished, you can expect it to deal a massive blow on land-based casinos since players can enjoy an enhanced experience from the comfort of their homes.

Barriers to VR and AR Adoption in Today’s Casinos

Despite the fact that AR is taking huge steps in other industries, it is yet to be fully adopted in the gambling industry. This is because although the cost factor for the hardware will still come into play later, the AR software to be used in Casinos is still in development, and so is the hardware.

But as the technology continues to grow and become integrated with more advanced graphics and sensory experiences, player immersion will become quite easy to achieve, and it might just define the future of the gambling industry.

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