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Review: Brake Free Helmet Brake Light

Do you ride a motorcycle? Do you care about your safety? If you do, you know that visibility is a number one priority. So, here comes Brake Free.

Brake Free is a brake light that attaches to the back of your motorcycle helmet (no tools required). It uses sensors to know when you’re slowing down–whether from actually applying your brakes or if you are just decelerating by engine braking. A good number of accidents involving a motorcycle are a result of the rider slowing down without actually using their brakes (engine braking) and the car behind them not knowing they are slowing down because there is no visible indication–and boom! A car slams right into the back of a motorcyclist.

With Brake Free you can get rid of this issue.

I have gone to a few of my motorcycle meet ups since I started using Brake Free and had people just see it and ask what it is. When I explain it to them, they are amazed and comment that it is such a good idea and will save lives.

It lasts several hours on a single charge–so you can get several riding sessions in before needing to charge. You can buy additional mounting brackets that attach to different helmets and then you can just easily move the brake free between your helmets.

The only downside to this device is–like many products today–it comes with a charging cable but not a actual power brick.

The Brake Free is a must for anyone that rides a motorcycle.

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