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How Much Would It Cost to 3D Print these World-Famous Landmarks?

Last year we really saw the lift-off of 3D printing from sports cars to body parts to a bald eagle’s beak (yes, really.) Now we know that 3D printing isn’t just a gimmick but could be used to save and improve lives, we’ve started looking into it with more curiosity that ever before. You can buy your own 3D printer now, if you’re willing to part with a few thousand pounds, but what can you actually do with it? Well, scientists are now asking what can’t 3D printing achieve. It’s still a fascinating topic because with so many variations to what you put in and what you get out, it’s still a relatively unexplored process.

With so much potential just waiting to be grasped, Toner Giant has put together an eye-opening infographic to see what 3D printing could achieve on a larger scale. We have some incredible landmarks in this world of ours that need continuous maintenance throughout their life to keep them standing for the next generation. But could they be re-built completely using a 3D printer? For this experiment, you’re a one-man band, with a 3D printer, tons of ambition, a good lump of money in the bank and you’ve got immortality on your side, this is what you could create:

How Much Would it Cost to 3D Print These World-Famous Landmarks?

Provided by Toner Giant

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