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5 Things to Look for in the Best Gaming PCs

As gamers, we love trying to build our own PCs—unique, customized beasts that can take on any game. But there is also a benefit in the simplicity of buying a prebuilt gaming PC off the shelf. Most gaming PCs were far too expensive for average users (and some still are today), so many gamers built one themselves as it was a cheaper option.

Today, it has become much more feasible and also a little less expensive to buy a prebuilt gaming PC. For first-timers and hardware novices, the prebuilt gaming PC will save also you tons of time and headaches.

Whether you are looking for the best prebuilt gaming PCs or selecting components to build your own, there is a lot you will need to look at. Invest a few minutes to understand the role each component plays and what the tradeoffs are in terms or power, cost and aesthetics to make it the best PC for your gaming.

Here is a look at all that makes the best gaming PC.

The Top Things to Look for in a Gaming PC

1. The CPU

This is actually the brain of your PC–thus, this is the most important factor that you will need to consider first. The demands that come from the other components within your devices are interpreted on the CPU. Without a good CPU, your computer will not be able to process the calculations adequately. With that in mind ensure that the CPU in the pc is fast and also robust to ensure you enjoy your gaming experience.

2. The motherboard

Most individuals refer to this as the backbone of your gaming PC, as it is the component responsible for connecting the other components within the device, such as the CPU, graphics card and RAM. So, to get the best gaming desktop you will need to ensure that the motherboard on the system is future-proofed (to the extent that is possible). What this means is you will need to ensure it is able to support more hard drives, graphics cards and any other components you want to start with, as well as anything you might like to add on down the road.

3. The RAM

RAM, an acronym for Random Access Memory, is used to store and process data as it is being actively used by the system on a short-term basis. This is a very important component as a gamer as it will increase your gaming speed, plus the loading time on your PC. Therefore, with a good PC, you will be able to play your games with as little lag and as few annoying delays as possible.

4. The Graphics card

We can all agree that a PC game would not be enjoyable if your graphics are poor. The graphics card or GPU plays an equal—or possibly even more important—role to the CPU when it comes to processing and rendering realistic graphics quickly. The GPU is not an area where you want to go cheap. You will want to get the very best graphics card you can afford if you are looking to have an enjoyable gaming experience.

5. Proper cooling

Let’s not forget, a good cooling system is something you need to keep in mind especially if you are planning on heavy gaming. The CPU, GPU and other components all generate a significant amount of heat. Inadequate cooling can damage components and over time the overheating could cause PC components to fail. Make sure you choose a case and fan (or fans) that provide adequate air flow and circulation. You can also look into liquid-cooled cases if you’re really serious.

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